22. 7. 2014 - Czech Airlines Adds Gothenburg to Its Network

Effective mid-September, Czech Airlines launches regular operations on the Prague – Gothenburg route, flying to the second largest city in Sweden. The service will be interlinked with the Prague – Hamburg connection and operated six times a week by an ATR 72 type aircraft. Ticket sales start today.


Thanks to the launch of the Gothenburg connection, Czech Airlines connects the largest city in the south of Sweden with Hamburg and Prague, copying the Prague – Bratislava – Košice route model. Czech Airlines will operate the Prague – Gothenburg route with a stop in Hamburg. Passengers, travelling from Prague to Sweden (and vice versa) will not have to leave the aircraft in Hamburg. In just 25 minutes, during which the passengers terminating their journey in Hamburg will leave the aircraft and new passengers will be boarded, including their luggage and transported cargo, the aircraft will continue either to Prague or Gothenburg.


The new service has been scheduled to depart from Gothenburg to Hamburg in the morning and return on the same day, in the evening, to suit the prevailing passenger demand, predominantly among businessmen and tourists heading to the north German metropolis for a visit or a day of shopping. The same logic was applied to the new Prague - Hamburg schedule. Effective 15 September 2014, the Prague - Hamburg service will depart Prague daily, except Saturdays, at 5:40 p. m., while departures from Hamburg to Gothenburg are scheduled to take-off at 7:40 p. m., with arrivals in Sweden at 9:10 p. m. Czech Airlines’ aircraft will stay in Gothenburg overnight to take-off on its way to Hamburg at 7:15 a. m., landing there at 8:50 a. m. Departures from Hamburg to Prague are scheduled at 9:15 a. m., with arrivals at Václav Havel Airport Prague at 10:50 a. m. The same schedule will be followed by Czech Airlines on its Hamburg and Gothenburg routes during the winter 2014/2015 season.


Czech Airlines will introduce the same system of one-way tariffs on the Gothenburg route as currently in place on the carrier’s Stockholm - Prague route. Passengers will thus be able to easily combine and use all advantages of one-way tickets on both routes, allowing them, e. g. to plan a stay or a long weekend in both Gothenburg and Stockholm - the two largest cities in Sweden, without having to return to the original arrival destination.


Effective today, tickets for the Gothenburg route are available for purchase at all Czech Airlines’ and their partners’ distribution points, i.e. on the company’s website, via the Contact Centre and company’s offices and within the network of travel agencies, ticketing offices and ticket sales points.

9. 7. 2014 - Bank Transfer Payments for Czech Airlines’ Tickets Now Available in 9 More Markets

Nine more markets in Europe now offer the option of a standard direct bank transfer payment in the respective, local currency, for tickets purchased via Czech Airlines’ website. This new service was recently launched by Czech Airlines in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain and The Netherlands. This new payment tool may be used upon ticket purchases made seven or more days prior the departure date. Tickets purchased on less than a week’s notice will still be available through the existing process, i.e. Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express and UATP credit or debit card payments and using additional online alternative payment methods, as offered at the particular market.


Direct bank transfer payments outside EU (Denmark, Poland and Romania) are performed locally with the funds credited to the Czech Airlines’ account with local banks. Bank transfers within the Eurozone are performed as SEPA credit transfers, i.e. as standard, regulated payments in EUR. Czech Airlines charges no additional fees for using this service. Bank transfers may be subject to a fee charged by the client’s bank, based on the type of account used.


Standard direct bank transfer payments for booked airfare were first introduced by Czech Airlines at its national, Czech market in 2010. This April, the carrier launched the service in Slovakia.

8. 7. 2014 - Temporary, Short-term Closure of Rostov-on-Don Airport

From 8 September 2014, 8:30 a.m. to 23 September 2014, 6:30 p.m., local time, operations of the Rostov-on-Don international airport will be disrupted and not available to any aircraft category, due to runway reconstruction. Czech Airlines will not operate any flights between Prague and Rostov-on-Don during the period.


The last connection from Prague to Rostov-on-Don before the airport closure will be serviced on 7 September 2014. The last flight from Rostov-on-Don to Prague will be operated by Czech Airlines on Monday, 8 September 2014 at 4:55 a.m. local time. The first Czech Airlines’ service to Rostov-on-Don after completion of the reconstruction will depart from Prague on Thursday, 25 September 2014, while the first connection from Rostov-on-Don to Prague will be serviced on Friday, 26 September 2014. All Czech Airlines’ flights between Prague and Rostov-on-Don past these dates will follow the current, summer 2014 schedule.


Passengers, holding tickets for Czech Airlines’ flights between Prague and Rostov-on-Don during the period of temporary closure of the airport, i.e. from 8 to 23 September 2014, are offered the option of changing their travel date free of charge and book a flight before or after the airport closure. Czech Airlines also offers passengers holding tickets for the particular period of time the option of rerouting their travels and using any Czech Airlines’ flights between Prague and Moscow in combination with Aeroflot’s flights between Moscow and Krasnodar instead. In the event that neither of the above described options is suitable for passengers holding tickets for the Prague – Rostov-on-Don connection, Czech Airlines will refund the purchased tickets.


To change your ticket or request a refund, the place of sale of the ticket must be contacted.

26. 6. 2014 - Czech Airlines Introduced New System of Flight Information/Updates

Czech Airlines has launched on its website a new complimentary information system, providing details about all OK-coded flights. The new application provides detailed information about the selected flights 24 hours prior their departure from Prague or arrival to Prague. Information is sent to the recipient free of charge via e-mail or short text message in Czech, English or Russian.


To receive your flight information, book the service via a text message or online, on the Czech Airlines’ website, section “Travel Information” and sub section “Online Arrivals and Departures” or using the following link. Select the requested flight from the list of departures and arrivals and register for the service by clicking the red icon to its right. During the registration process, you can select whether to receive information via text messages or e-mails or both. Your registration to receive information about the selected flight is completed by filling in your mobile phone number and/or e-mail address in the registration form and submitting it. To register via text message (SMS), send a text message reading: “FLIGHT OK and its four-digit code” - without a space between OK and the number, e.g.: “FLIGHT OK0786” to: +420 724 673 499.


If you are registered to receive updates about a flight prior its departure or arrival, you will be informed when check-in opens, incl. details about the Terminal and check-in desk numbers. Next, you will receive a message when your gate opens, incl. its number. You will also receive a message when boarding starts and when last calls are announced. The system will also inform you when boarding is completed, gate is closed and the aircraft departs from the airport. Additionally, you will receive information if a gate number is changed or the flight cancelled. If you are registered to receive information about a flight arriving to Prague, you will receive a message with the expected arrival time, incl. the Terminal number. Next messages will be sent when the flight lands at Václav Havel Airport Prague and when baggage reclaim commences, incl. the number of carrousel. In the event of a delayed flight, the system will continuously send out messages with updates regarding the expected arrival time and further instructions.


The system’s main advantage is the availability of information in your mobile phone. Thus, you are alerted about every change regarding your flight. Alongside Czech Airlines’ flights, the system provides the same details about all code-shared connections with an OK code, originating or terminating in Prague.

20. 6. 2014 - Czech Airlines Launches Regular Charter Flights to Hévíz-Balaton Airport

This new, seasonal service, connecting Prague with the Hévíz-Balaton airport in Hungary, will be launched by Czech Airlines towards the end of July as a regular charter service. The route will be operated every Monday till the end of the summer season by an ATR 72-type aircraft. Return tickets to Hévíz start at CZK 2,790, incl. all taxes and fees, and are available via the company’s website or at travel and ticketing agencies.


The inaugural flight on this new route from Prague to Hévíz by Balaton will be operated by Czech Airlines on 28 July 2014. Departures from Prague are scheduled for 12:10 p. m., arriving at the Hévíz-Balaton airport at 1:35 p. m. and returning to Prague at 3 p. m., arriving at Václav Havel Airport Prague at 4:30 p. m.


Departures from Prague to Hévíz are scheduled to connect with arrivals of Czech Airlines’ flights from the majority of its serviced Russian destinations, i.e. Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Rostov-on-Don and Samara, and additional Czech Airlines’ flights from Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Copenhagen, Brussels, Yerevan, Ostrava and other cities to Prague.


The popular Spa town of Hévíz, with the largest natural thermal lake in the world, with a year-round water temperature of between 32 and 36 °C, is located only 15 km away from the Hévíz-Balaton airport. Another popular hot spring Spa town, Zalakaros, is located about 23 km from the Hévíz-Balaton airport. The closest beaches of Balaton, the largest lake in the Central Europe and the most popular touristic destination in Hungary, is 15 km from the airport. Hévíz is located in the foothills of the Badacsony mountain range, a famous vine-growing region, with ample family-owned vineyards and wine cellars, making it an ideal location for summer and autumn holidays.

15. 6. 2014 - Greater Passenger Comfort Thanks to New Seat Configuration of Czech Airlines’ ATR Aircraft

Czech Airlines is introducing a new seat configuration of all ATR aircraft models. Effective 15 June 2014, the carrier will not sell the seats next to Business Class passengers on its international connections and keep them empty for greater comfort and increased privacy of its premium clients. Every Business Class passenger on flights operated by an ATR aircraft will thus have two seats at their disposal.


Czech Airlines introduces this policy to enhance the existing product and increase comfort of travelling aboard its flights, in line with the additional, recently implemented, innovations. Domestic flights, i.e. connections between Prague and Ostrava, Bratislava and Kosice will remain unchanged and pursue the originally set process.


As a result of this change, Czech Airlines will also adjust the signage of the individual rows on ATR aircraft. Instead of the currently used letters A, B, C and D, the company will use the letters A, C, D and F. Seats A and F will be window seats, while C and D seats will be isle seats.

23. 5. 2014 - Czech Airlines throws “Summer Parties” aboard its Flights

Czech Airlines has launched a new summer campaign, called “Summer Party aboard Czech Airlines’ Flights”. Alongside special summer fares, we will be offering passengers in both Economy and Business Class a complimentary shot of traditional spirits such as Becherovka or Jameson between 1 June 2014 and 31 August 2014. Families with underage travellers can look forward to treats such as a pack of Oreo biscuits or tickets to visit the Čestlice Aquapalace, Prague. The marketing campaign will run till 6 June 2014 in selected online and offline media. The summer party aboard Czech Airlines’ flights campaign will last till the end of the summer break, i.e. till 31 August 2014.


Tickets at favourable prices will be available via the Czech Airlines’ website, travel agencies and IATA sales ticketing agents or on their internet portals.


The campaign runs in a total of 11 markets from 22 May to 6 June 2014. Alongside the Czech Republic, the campaign was also launched in Slovakia, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. In these foreign markets, Czech Airlines is promoting its great summer deals to Prague, emphasizing its status as a major tourist attraction, and the Czech Republic’s incoming tourism. Prices of the special summer fares to Prague start at €49 for a one-way ticket and €69 for a return flight, including all taxes and fees.


The main message communicated in the Czech market focuses on the special fares to selected European destinations, e.g. Budapest, Brussels, Yerevan, Košice, Milan, Warsaw and more, with the prices set at CZK 1530 for a one-way ticket and CZK 2590 for a return flight, including all taxes and fees.


The visual image of the campaign will be published at information portals such as and In Slovakia, and will be used and additional materials will be posted on, gmail and as well as on other portals. The campaign will also be run on trams Nos. 6 and 14 in Prague. The carrier will also use the metro carriages’ advertising space, city lights in the city centre and several big digital LED boards alongside major motorways in the capital. Printed version of the campaign’s visual image will be published in Hospodářské noviny and Právo and in the Instinkt and Týden weekly magazines.


To view the list of special deals, please go to:

22. 5. 2014 - In co-operation with Deutsche Bahn, Czech Airlines now offers connection to more than 5,600 destinations around Germany

Czech Airlines, in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, is now offering a new Rail & Fly service, interconnecting travelling by air and train. Rail & Fly tickets purchased together with airline tickets allow passengers to use connections to/from all Deutsche Bahn railway stations. Thus, our clients can comfortably travel by train to more than 5,600 destinations around Germany from Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Hamburg airports - three destinations where Czech Airlines flies them. The service may be used in the reverse order, too.


The Rail & Fly service in connection with a Czech Airlines flight may be used for journeys to/from the Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Hamburg airports by a wide range of trains within the Deutsche Bahn network (e.g.: ICE, Railjet, EC, IC, RB, RE, IRE and S-Bahn). Additional surcharges apply upon use of the ICE Sprinter, D-Nacht, EN and CNL trains, while motorail trains (AutoZug) and Thalys trains are excluded from the service. The Rail & Fly service is provided only to/from destination in Germany.


Airline tickets with the Rail&Fly service are valid on the day of the flight departure from Germany and the preceding day or on the day of arrival of the flight to Germany and the following day. The airfare + Rail & Fly service packages may be purchased within the network of Czech Airlines’ ticketing offices, including counters at Václav Havel Airport Prague, via the Czech Airlines’ Contact Centre or within the network of travel agencies and airline ticket sales points. The Rail & Fly service may only be purchased in combination with airfare – never as a separate product. All taxes and fees, including the Rail & Fly fare, are included in the airfare.


The airline ticket contains, alongside the name of the airport, the name of the arrival or departure Deutsche Bahn railway station, under a uniform QYG code. Thus, passengers can select the departure or arrival railway station at the moment they are commencing their journey.


Rail & Fly Service Benefits:

  • Comprehensiveness – a complex service, which can be booked and paid at one spot.
  • Comfort – providing travellers with the ease of point to point transport, even upon combination of several means of transport (air, train, metro). Moreover, both Czech Airlines’ flights and Deutsche Bahn tickets support online check-in.
  • Consistency – Rail & Fly ticket fee does not change in time. Whether the passenger purchases the service a month or a day in advance, the fee remains the same. Unlike regular tickets where the time of purchase in relation to the time of travel significantly influences the final price.
  • Variability – the ticket may be used for a journey to any Deutsche Bahn station in Germany. Therefore, it is a lot cheaper to purchase the airline ticket together with the Rail & Fly service than buying the airline ticket and the train ticket separately.
  • Universal character – Rail & Fly tickets may be used for premium trains – e.g. TGV, EURO and Intercity without additional surcharge.
  • Flexibility – passengers may pick-up their tickets from a Deutsche Bahn kiosk at the railway station right before getting on the train.
  • Shorter travel time – trains and metros are not subject to traffic jams and thus transport passengers directly to the airport, without any delays.

Learn more about the new Rail & Fly service offered by Czech Airlines in co-operation with Deutsche Bahn at the company’s website:

14. 5. 2014 - Czech Airlines Introduces Brand New Catering by Zátiší Group

Czech Airlines has prepared a complex gastronomic change of its onboard catering. The Business Class menu has been completely innovated and tailored for Czech Airlines by chefs of the Zátiší Group, a chain of Prague restaurants and catering company. Effective 1 June 2014, travellers heading to Seoul will be able to enjoy such delicacies as pumpkin soup or partridge with creamy-mushroom sauce and gnocchi and more. Catering served in the Economy Class has also been innovated.

Marek Purkart, Fresh & Tasty Corporate Catering; Jan Bureš, Zátiší Catering and Žofín Palace and Marek Šáda, Mlýnec Restaurant are the three Zátiší Group chefs who undersigned the new recipes, which will be served by Czech Airlines to its Business Class passengers on all its regular, scheduled flights.

The development stage of the new Business Class catering concept started towards the end of last year. Fine-tuning almost 45 recipes took several months, including a number of joint tastings.

The new menu has been designed to reflect the time of day of travels and the international character of the customer pool and their taste preferences. Czech Airlines will, for the first time in its history, also serve tailored Business Class catering prepared by renowned Czech chefs aboard its flights to Western Europe.

Czech Airlines has recently also innovated the selection of refreshments served aboard its flights in Economy Class. Home-made white and dark baguettes with cheese and vegetables are now served e.g. on routes to Brussels, Barcelona and Madrid. The selection of warm meals has also been innovated. E.g.: More room is given to international cuisine instead of Czech specials on flights to the Russian Federation and Central Asia. The new menu was designed by a team of Skyport Catering chefs, a company providing Czech Airlines with full catering services.

Additional details regarding the Czech Airlines‘ new Business Class catering concept can be found here:

7. 5. 2014 - Czech Airlines’ Frequent Flyer Programme Redesigned

Czech Airlines has prepared a number of innovations for its OK Plus frequent flyer programme members, including extended validity of bonus miles to 36 months and to indefinite for premium clients and active holders of cobranded company payment cards, alongside broader offer of lounge visits, more miles for segments flown on selected routes and other benefits and rewards.


The innovations are a part of the programme’s new policy. In line with this policy, the carrier has recently introduced its OK Plus Partner programme, designed for travel agencies, and doubled amount of the miles collected for OK Plus Corporate members. The amended rules will come in effect on 1 June 2014.

Additional details regarding the OK Plus frequent flyer programme can be found here or on the OK Plus programme’s website.