How does Czech Airlines train its cabin crews?

Prague, December 13, 2007

The flight crew training center of Czech Airlines is the place where new flight attendants get their initial training and where they later undergo their mandatory refresher courses. The facility and its state-of-the-art equipment are also used by other, both domestic and foreign, airlines. All of the training courses given are carried out in strict conformity to the European Joint Aviation Requirements (JAR).  Besides being used for the training of cabin crews, the facility is also used for the training of pilots flying for Czech Airlines and pilots flying for other air carriers. In just the last year, Czech Airlines pilots and cabin crew attendants completed roughly 13,800 training hours in approximately 2,000 different courses given at the facility. 5,000 pilots and flight attendants of other domestic and foreign air carriers also received training at the center. 

Initial Training for Flight Attendants
The initial training of new flight attendants takes place over a period of 20 business days. During this training course, future stewards and stewardesses learn operational English terminology, basic hygiene and first aid principles and they also discuss matters related to discipline and responsibility. They undergo a thorough safety training program and they rehearse how to respond to different types of emergency situations through the use of different types of simulators. These include the practicing of survival in extreme conditions. Additionally, flight attendants also learn about such other things as the basic principles of meteorology, aircraft design and safe flying. The trainees undergo a fire response drill for which Czech Airlines uses a special simulator designed for the practice of fire suppression procedures. The airline's brand new Airbus A320 cabin simulator will enhance the quality of the training program by being able to simulate more realistic in-flight conditions. 

Refresher Training for Flight Attendants
The knowledge and skills acquired by flight attendants during their initial training must be sustained throughout their working career. That is why each flight attendant has to complete a refresher course every 12 months. During the three days devoted to such training, the flight attendants go over once again the knowledge and skills that they previously acquired in order to ensure the continuing safety of their passengers. The curriculum for the course includes rehearsing how to respond to different types of emergency situations, the practicing of first aid procedures, a review of the aircraft's safety guidelines and evacuation procedures, the testing of knowledge of the location of emergency and rescue equipment on board the aircraft and a knowledge of how to suppress an on-board fire. The possession of this knowledge and these skills is demonstrated by the flight attendants through both practical and written tests. Additionally, each flight attendant must be reevaluated annually by a flight instructor during an actual flight.

Retraining of Flight Attendants for Different Types of Aircraft
A flight attendant must complete a separate training program for each type of aircraft on which the flight attendant will be serving. These courses last from 3 to 6 days, based on the sophistication of the aircraft involved. Once again, the flight attendants rehearse their knowledge of various standard and emergency procedures and they also expand their knowledge of that specific type of aircraft. 

In all types of training, a great deal of attention is paid to the need for the individual members of the crew to interact and collaborate to make up for any human errors that might take place.