30. 09. 2008 - Czech Airlines to Receive the Last of Its 12 New Airbuses Today

Prague, September 30, 2008

Today, Czech Airlines is to receive a new Airbus A319, which will be the last of the 12 new aircraft acquired by the airline as part of a 2004 tender. This brand new addition to the Czech Airlines fleet is scheduled to arrive from the Airbus assembly plant in Hamburg in the evening hours of September 30. The new plane, with the registration identifier 'OK-NEP', will be put into service on the airline's high-traffic European routes. The aircraft will be put into operation as soon as it passes a standard initial inspection at Prague Airport. 

This latest delivery is the last one of the series of new medium-range aircraft acquired by the airline as part of its 2004 tender. Through the tender, Czech Airlines acquired a total of 12 new aircraft – six Airbus A320s with a seating capacity of 162 passengers and six Airbus A319s with a seating capacity of 135. 


Czech Airlines' Airbus A319 OK-NEP at the Airbus Factory Airport in Hamburg Czech Airlines uses its A319s for priority connections such as flights between Prague and Brussels, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Milan as well as to other destinations such as Odessa, Sofia, Riga and Samara. This type of aircraft is also used for service to new destinations, which were added by the airline in 2008. These include Tbilisi, Rostov and Damascus.

New Aircraft
Czech Airlines has ordered its new airplanes in a two-class configuration – Business and Economy. The A319 has a seating capacity of 135 passengers. The planes are powered by engines manufactured by the CFM International S.A. consortium. The new airplanes have a 1,200 km greater range than Czech Airlines' existing medium-range fleet and they can fly roughly five percent faster than the older generation Boeing 737 aircraft. The Airbus 319 also comes with lower operating costs due to it better fuel economy, reduced maintenance costs and better performance on short runways. Czech Airlines currently operates a fleet of 50 aircraft. Most of this fleet is made up of medium-range Boeing 737 aircraft; however, these are gradually being replaced with the new Airbus A320s and A319s. In addition to these medium-range aircraft, the airline also uses ATR42 and ATR72 planes on short distance routes and the Airbus A310 for long-haul flights.

Daniela Hupáková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson