30. 05. 2008 - The Growing Price of Oil Forces Czech Airlines to Increase the Fuel Surcharge on its Flights to New York and Toronto

Prague, 30 May 2008

Given the record price of oil, which presently exceeds USD 130 per barrel and is expected to stay at this level for some time, Czech Airlines is increasing the fuel surcharge, starting 1 June.  The surcharge will go up on the two long-haul flights to New York and on the seasonal flight to Toronto.  The fuel surcharge is an integral part of the final price of tickets.

The surcharge with tickets on long-haul flights, where fuel represents the major part of the cost of the flight, will increase to 85 euros, starting 1 June.  Thus, the fuel surcharge will be comparable to that of other carriers.  On medium-haul flights, the fee differs according to the length of the route and the situation in individual markets.  On average, it is in the range of 25 euros.

Fuel costs represent about one-quarter of the Airline’s overall operating costs.  Fuel surcharges cover about 40 percent of those costs.


Daniela Hupáková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson