29. 07. 2008 - Czech Airlines Upgraded its Airbus A310 for Flights to New York

Prague, 29 July 2008

Czech Airlines modernised the Airbus A310 deployed on its scheduled service between Prague and New York.  In recent weeks, the aircraft underwent a large inspection connected with a major change in its interior, including seat modernisation.  The plane also received the new Czech Airlines livery.

Passengers first encountered the renovated airplane on the Prague-New York route on Sunday 27 July.  “By upgrading the interior, we are trying to meet our passengers’ demands and improve their comfort during the flight,” said Czech Airlines’ Vice-President for Marketing and Product Development, Petr Pištělák.



As a part of the planned IL-check inspection, which is one of the most extensive heavy-maintenance inspections, the aircraft’s interior was significantly upgraded. The wallpaper and paint are new, and any damaged plastic or composite items in the cabin, galley, and washrooms were replaced. The carpeting is also new. Seats underwent a general repair and received new upholstery in the new Czech Airlines colours.

Lastly, the aircraft also received a new coat of paint, and is now rendered in the new Czech Airlines colours. An IL-check on Airbus A310-type aircraft is carried out after 72 months of operation. The inspection involves a comprehensive check of the aircraft’s structure and all of its systems. For photographs of Czech Airlines’ upgraded Airbus A310 see:



Daniela Hupáková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson