29. 05. 2008 - Czech Airlines Will Provide its Passengers Free Wrapping of Bags in Safety Foil on Flights from Prague

Prague, 29 May 2008

Czech Airlines will provide all of its passengers on scheduled flights from Prague Airport with the free wrapping of their bags in safety foil.  Passengers can use this service at a special baggage wrapping desk set up in Czech Airlines colours, in both of the Prague Airport terminals, starting Monday 2 June.

Czech Airlines is introducing this service in response to its customers’ wishes.  Marketing surveys showed that baggage wrapping in safety foil for free is one of the benefits passengers would most welcome.  “Czech Airlines has long been above average among European airlines, in terms of the number of bags lost or damaged, and is thus one of the better-rated airlines.  In spite of that, by introducing the new free baggage wrapping service, the Airline wants to further reduce the possibility of damage,” said Vice President for Marketing and Product Development Petr Pištělák.

Airlines can only influence the way baggage is handled by choosing high-quality handling partners, who provide baggage sorting and loading into aircraft at each airport.  Czech Airlines pays great attention to baggage and continuously checks its partners at individual airports.  Czech Airlines staff also monitor all stations in the network, identify possible reasons for baggage delays, and attempt to cooperate as much as possible with those airports that account for a significant part of baggage re-loading on Czech Airlines flights.

The new service will be available to passengers travelling on a ticket with an OK code, i.e., those who are flying on a Czech Airlines flight on a Czech Airlines ticket, but also those who fly with one of our code-share partners on an OK-code ticket.  Conversely, the service will not be available to passengers on Czech Airlines charter flights and Click4Sky.com passengers.  The baggage wrapping counter will be staffed daily from 5:30 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.  The counter’s business hours will thus cover all scheduled Czech Airlines flights.

Daniela Hupáková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson