28. 04. 2008 - Czech Airlines to Boost its Flight Service to Brno, Starting in May

Prague, 28 April 2008

Czech Airlines will beef up its regular flight operations on the Prague – Brno route.  From 5 May, in addition to the noon and evening flights from Prague to Brno, passengers will be able to use the morning service five times a week.  The coach service between Prague and Brno will remain, with two rides daily.

The new service will be available to passengers on business days.  The ATR 42 aircraft for 46 passengers will take off from Prague at 9:15 a.m., landing in Brno at 10:00.  It will return to Prague at 10:25, landing at 11:10 a.m. In addition, passengers will be able to continue to use the daily flights leaving Prague at 2:25 p.m. and Brno at 3:40 p.m., as well as the evening service that goes from Prague to Brno every day except Saturday at 9:55 p.m., returning the next morning, leaving Brno at 5:15 a.m.  With the new service, the number of flights between Prague and Brno will increase from the present 13 per week to 18.  Furthermore, Czech Airlines is considering a further strengthening of service to Brno, to up to four flights per day.

South Moravia is an important region. By adding a third flight, Czech Airlines wants to offer passengers from the area the opportunity of travelling comfortably to Europe on Czech Airlines flights, via Prague,” said Michal Kasal, Czech Airlines Director of Sales in the Czech Republic.  An advertising campaign should increase the awareness of passengers from Moravian regions, about the offering of domestic flights from Prague to Brno as well as to Ostrava. Passengers will encounter it throughout all of May in the regional press, as well as on the Internet.
The new morning flight will allow passengers to transfer in Prague to a number of connecting flights throughout Europe.  The service is designed primarily for passengers from Moravia who are continuing onward aboard Czech Airlines connecting flights.  Last year, the air service between Prague and Brno was used by a total of 32,700 passengers, which constitutes more than a 21 percent year-on-year increase.  Another 24,200 passengers used Czech Airlines’ coach service.

Czech Airlines passengers can newly park for free at the Brno Airport
Starting 1 May, passengers travelling from Brno on one of the regular Czech Airlines flights will be able to park in front of the Brno Airport terminal free of charge.  If they wish to make use of the free parking option, it is necessary that before leaving Brno they contact the Czech Airlines desk at the airport, with their parking ticket.

A new airport office
Since the beginning of April, our Brno office has been directly available to passengers, right in the comfortable environment of the Brno-Tuřany Airport.  In addition to better accessibility and far more extensive opening hours, the main benefit of the relocation of the office to the airport is that it can provide services to passengers in the event of operating changes.  In this respect, passengers have already had the occasion to make use of the relocation of the office and its entire staff from downtown to the airport, when a number of flights had to be diverted from Prague to Brno due to fog.  The design of the new office is styled in the Czech Airlines corporate colours – white, with red and grey accessories. 

Daniela Hupáková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson