27. 01. 2010 - Czech Airlines Wins the Rhodos - Image Award Again

Prague, 27 January 2009

Czech Airlines has won the prestigious Rhodos corporate image award in the airline category for the second time in a row.  This award confirms that Czech Airlines is perceived as a brand with a good image.

In the 12th annual competition for the most impressive image run by the Rhodos civic association, selected sectors of manufacturing and services were rated in twelve categories. Czech Airlines won the airlines category, ranking ahead of Lufthansa and British Airways.

The main purpose of the “Rhodos – Image Award” survey is to evaluate the images of companies from selected sectors of manufacturing and services and then put together a ranking of the three best companies in each category. The ranking of companies with the most impressive image is compiled every year on the basis of a representative survey which involves senior managers from randomly selected companies from all over the country.  They are asked to spontaneously name five companies in each sector and to evaluate to what extent each of the companies meets the parameters that best capture the image of companies in the given sector. The resulting ranking of companies is the product of a combination of awareness and image. t is not possible to enter or sign up for the competition, nor can the ranked companies influence the results in any way. Te following categories were announced for 2009: banks, travel agencies, petrol stations, arlines, retail chains, insurance companies, instalment payment companies, construction companies, telephone operators, car manufacturers, mobile telephone manufacturers and manufacturers of consumer electronics.

Hana Hejsková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson