26. 09. 2008 - Czech Airlines to Carry Tampa Bay Hockey Players to European Exhibition Matches

Prague, 26 September 2008

A Czech Airlines special flight will carry the Tampa Bay Lightning ice hockey players to their exhibition matches that will take place in Europe prior to the official launch of the NHL season.  Czech Airlines will provide an Airbus A320 and a Boeing 737 for the carriage of the players and their gear.

Tampa Bay’s stars, including the Czech Players Radim Vrbata and Václav Prospal, and the Slovak player Andrej Meszáros, will be carried by Czech Airlines from Prague to Berlin at the end of September, for a match with the local club Eisbaren Berlin.  After the match, the players will fly to Bratislava for a game with HC Slovan Bratislava, and then back to Prague again.  At the beginning of October, the exhibitions will be followed by two NHL opening matches between Tampa Bay and New York Rangers, in Prague’s O2 Arena.

Czech Airlines is the traditional carrier of the Czech national ice hockey team.  “Czech Airlines focuses on services for a discerning business clientele and can meet all of the athletes’ demands, and in this regard, it enjoys very good acclaim in the world,” noted Czech Airlines’ Director for Charter Carriage, Zdeněk Prejzek.  Athletes have special demands, for example, with respect to the carriage of baggage, which often contains very precious sports equipment.  A hockey team carries up to three metric tonnes of cargo to a match.  On their way to a tournament, athletes are usually served light meals, whereas on the return flight, they usually look forward to traditional Czech cuisine.

This year, Czech Airlines will provide carriage to the Czech national ice-hockey team, to the Karijala Cup in Helsinki, the Channel Cup 1 in Stockholm and Moscow, and at the beginning of the next year to the LG Hockey Game in Helsinki.  In October, Czech Airlines’ services will be used, for example, by the Macedonian national football team, to fly to Keflavik for a qualifying match for the World Cup.

Daniela Hupáková

Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson