26.03.2009 - Czech Airlines Will Start Flying to Two New Destinations to the East of Prague

Prague, 26 March 2009

At the end of March, the new Czech Airlines flight schedule takes effect. In it, in response to the present decline in demand for air carriage, the Airline will adapt its flight offering. Routes with greater demand potential will be reinforced, to the detriment of flights where passenger interest is dropping. In its summer flight schedule, Czech Airlines will offer two entirely new destinations: Novosibirsk, Russia and Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and it will boost the frequency of flights to Western and South Eastern Europe and the Middle East. An innovation in Czech Airlines’ charter offer will be direct flights to the Egyptian resort of Marsa Alam, starting in the summer. During the Summer Flight Schedule, i.e., from 29 March through 24 October 2009, Czech Airlines will offer regular connections to a total of 134 destinations in 47 countries.

New 2009 Destinations

Czech Airlines will start operating to two new destinations in Central Asia where there is presently development potential, as was confirmed for example by the successfully launched route to Almaty, Kazakhstan. These include flights to Novosibirsk, Russia and Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The newly scheduled flights to Novosibirsk, the third largest city in the Russian Federation, will be operated twice weekly, every Tuesday and Friday, with the first flight schedule for the end of April. To Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, Czech Airlines will also offer two weekly flights, on Wednesdays and Sundays. The new route between Prague and Tashkent is to be opened at the beginning of June.

Expansion of the Network in Europe and the Middle East

In Western Europe, the Czech Airlines network will become denser during the summer flight schedule, primarily on flights to Hamburg and Cologne in Germany, Copenhagen in Denmark, and Stockholm in Sweden. In the Balkan region, the Czech Airlines flight schedule will be enhanced with further flights to Belgrade, Serbia; Skopje, Macedonia; and Istanbul, Turkey. Flights to the Middle East will also see a further expansion, namely a new daily flight to Beirut, Lebanon; Damascus, Syria; Tel Aviv, Israel; Cairo, Egypt; and Kuwait. Furthermore, the Czech Airlines flight schedule will note an enhancement in the regular flights to Tbilisi, Georgia; Yerevan, Armenia; and Yekaterinburg, Russia. Domestic routes will continue to be operated solely by aircraft in the summer schedule; flights were already enhanced with last year’s winter schedule.

Extended Code-Share Cooperation

This year, Czech Airlines continues to expand its offer of flights in so-called code-share cooperation, i.e., the designation of flights with the code of a partner airline and vice versa. This form of cooperation increases the utilisation of Czech Airlines’ own flights and expands its distribution network to further markets. A practical advantage for passengers is the possibility of purchasing a single ticket on a flight with multiple carriers. This includes cooperation with Delta Air Lines on its new New York – Prague route and the launch of cooperation with the Israeli airline El Al, on the Prague – Tel Aviv route. In Europe, Czech Airlines has renewed its code-share cooperation with Alitalia to a number of destinations, such as Bari, Florence, and Naples. To the east of Prague, Czech Airlines will launch code-share cooperation with Uzbekistan Airways on the Tashkent route, and with the Russian airline Siberia Airlines on the Novosibirsk route. Czech Airlines’ successful cooperation with Aeroflot continues on the route to Toronto, Canada, and on new frequencies between Prague and Moscow, and with Aeroflot-Don on the Rostov-on-Don route.
Other major code-share cooperation of Czech Airlines includes the Prague-Seoul route with Korean Air; Prague-Madrid with Iberia; Prague–Paris–Mexico City, in cooperation with Aero México; flights to Tai-pei in Taiwan via Frankfurt, in cooperation with China Airlines; and the Prague-Amsterdam route, in cooperation with the largest Chinese airline, China Southern.

Strengthened Weekly Frequencies in the Czech Airlines 2009 Summer Flight Schedule:
(as compared to the 2008 Summer Flight Schedule)

  • Ostrava + 11 frequencies
  • Moscow + 18
  • Brno + 7
  • Hamburg + 5
  • Belgrade + 4
  • Beirut + 3
  • Copenhagen + 3
  • Cairo + 2
  • Kuwait + 2
  • Almaty + 1
  • Damascus + 1
  • Istanbul + 1
  • Stockholm + 1
  • Cologne + 1
  • Skopje + 1
  • Yerevan + 1
  • Tbilisi + 1
  • Yekaterinburg + 1
  • Reduction in Weekly Frequencies on Czech Airlines Routes:
    (as compared to the 2008 Summer Flight Schedule)

  • Tallinn – 7 flights
  • Amsterdam – 4
  • Bucharest – 3
  • Zagreb – 2
  • London – 2
  • Bologna – 1
  • Sofia – 1
  • Riga – 1
  • Zurich – 1
  • Manchester – 1
  • Düsseldorf – 1
  • Discontinued Routes:

    Dublin, Ireland

    New Charter Destinations

    Starting this summer, direct flights to the Egyptian resort of Marsa Alam will be added to Czech Airlines’ offer. Newly, the Airline will also fly to its charter destinations in Cancún, Mexico, and Varadero, Cuba, even in the summer season. In Egypt, Czech Airlines will continue to fly to Taba, Hurghada, and Sharm El Sheikh, as well as to traditional summer destinations, such as Antalya, Turkey, and to Greek islands of Lesbos, Rhodes, and Crete.
    With charter flights, Czech Airlines offers travel agencies flights to a number of exotic destinations without a touchdown. Czech Airlines most important business partners in charter carriage include travel agencies in Ireland, Spain, Italy, and France.

    Czech Airlines Services

    During the Summer Flight Schedule, passengers can choose from a number of newly introduced services, including the purchase of travel insurance when booking a ticket over the Internet, or receiving information by SMS about the opening of Internet Check-in for the flight the passenger has purchased. Furthermore, Czech Airlines passengers can newly purchase additional services at check-in at Prague Airport, such as a Business Class upgrade. On top of the standard refreshments that continue to be provided free of charge, passengers in Economy Class can purchase additional refreshments, primarily beverages, including alcohol, and various kinds of snacks, such as sweets and chocolate, as well as salted cashews, peanuts, and crisps. Czech Airlines passengers travelling in the Business Premium Class can take advantage of complimentary taxi rides to and from Prague Airport. For all passengers, there is the option of complimentary baggage wrapping in security foil at Prague Airport, faster check-in via the Internet, as well as free parking at Brno Airport for one week.

    This summer season, Czech Airlines will offer flights to 134 destinations in 47 countries. In its own network, Czech Airlines plans to operate a total of 48,469 flights to 70 destinations in 42 countries, between 29 March 2009 and 24 October 2009.

    Daniela Hupáková
    Communications Director
    Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson