26. 3. 2007 - Czech Airlines Will Use its New Simulator for “Flying without Fear” Courses for the Public

Prague, 26 March 2007

Czech Airlines’ (CSA) new Airbus A320 flight simulator, ceremoniously put into service today, will also see duty in the “Flying without Fear” courses offered to the public.  Participants in these already successful courses will now not only be able to watch pilots work in the cabin, but also experience the movable cabin simulator for flight attendants, which CSA is to receive in the second half of the year.

Czech Airlines started offering the “Flying without Fear” courses in its Air Crew Training Centre in July 2006.  Since then, 64 people have taken the course.  “The vast majority of them left satisfied.  Having taken the course, they boarded a passenger plane with minimum fear, as they themselves reported,” said Miloš Kvapil, Director, CSA Air Crew Training.

This year, CSA is holding the courses roughly every two months, always for 15 to 17 participants.  The course takes about six hours, during which a team of Air Crew Training instructors teach the attendees about the principles of flying, as well as the fundamentals of meteorology, flight equipment, operations, and crew training.  Using the cabin simulator, which is a copy of a part of a Boeing 737 cabin, the instructors acquaint the participants with possible emergency situations during a flight.  At the end of the course, the participants can get to know the work of the crew in the cockpit of the flight simulators for the Boeing 737 and ATR 42/72, and now also for the Airbus A320.

This year, the CSA Training Centre should also obtain a movable A320 cabin simulator, which will serve in the training of flight attendants, and which CSA will also use for the “Flying without Fear” courses.  The device, which is a precise 30-seat model of a part of the Airbus A320 family cabin, is – like the pilot simulators – equipped with hydraulic legs that can move it about and simulate the flight..

For the future, CSA is also considering the possibility of assisting the graduates of its “Flying without Fear” courses on their first flights.

Daniela Hupáková
CSA Spokesperson