25. 10. 2009 - Czech Airlines Will Boost Its Scheduled Service to Eastern Markets in the 2009/2010 Winter Season

Prague, 25 October 2009

The new Czech Airlines winter flight schedule comes into force toady.  In it, the Airline is primarily boosting the number of flights to destinations that are in Eastern Europe, and rationalising connections to areas that are noting smaller passenger demand.  During the winter flight schedule, i.e., from 25 October 2009 to 27 March 2010, Czech Airlines, in association with its partners, will offer scheduled flights to a total of 138 destinations in 46 countries around the world.  In charter carriage, Czech Airlines will offer brand new destinations, such as the Colombian island of San Andrés, and Libéria in north-west Costa Rica.

Focus Primarily on Eastern Europe
During the winter flight schedule, Czech Airlines will intensify the network of its flights, primarily to Eastern Europe.  The number of flights to Moscow, in particular, will increase.  Czech Airlines offers three daily flights to Moscow and another one in code-share cooperation with Aeroflot.  In addition, flights to Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, and Minsk will be boosted, as well as to both of the Caucasian destinations - Tbilisi and Yerevan.  Also flights to Beirut, Barcelona, Bologna, and Ljubljana will be boosted, especially during the so-called winter high season.

Adaptation to Reduced Demand in Central and Western Europe
Due to the consequences of the economic crisis, demand for air carriage to certain destinations is down, in particular to Ostrava, Žilina, Riga, London, and Hamburg.  Czech Airlines has discontinued the flights to these destinations that were at times that were in low demand.  In the case of Oslo, Stockholm, and Venice, the service was rationalised – the morning and mid-morning flights were merged into one; on the other hand, evening flights to Norway and Sweden were boosted significantly.  Due to the fact that they were not profitable and loss-generating, Czech Airlines is closing down the service to Manchester and its own operations to New York.  From the 2009/2010 winter flight schedule onward, the service to New York will be operated by a SkyTeam partner, Delta Air Lines.  Thanks to code-share cooperation, Czech Airlines will continue to sell tickets for the Prague-New York-Prague route under its own designation - OK.

Expansion of Code-Share Cooperation
In code-share cooperation with partner carriers, Czech Airlines offers connections to 73 destinations.  Commencing with the 2009/2010 winter flight schedule, Czech Airlines has significantly boosted is code-share cooperation with Delta Air Lines, primarily on the Prague-New York route.  Czech Airlines has also newly launched code-share cooperation with the Israeli airline El Al on the Prague-Tel Aviv route.  Of particular significance for Czech Airlines is code-share cooperation on long-haul flights, which bring passengers to Prague, the vast majority of whom then use connecting Czech Airlines flights onward into Europe.  This means, for example, the Prague-Atlanta service, in cooperation with Delta Air Lines; the Prague-Seoul service, with Korean Air; and the Prague-Paris-Mexico City service, in cooperation with Aero México; as well as flights to the Russian Federation.  Czech Airlines plans to focus on Eastern Europe and Asia in code-share cooperation.  Code-share cooperation with China Eastern is planned on the Prague-Frankfurt-Shanghai route.  A direct Prague-Shanghai service is under negotiation, as is cooperation with other Asian carriers.

Code-share flights allow passengers to make an easier booking through a single contact centre, especially in the case of several connecting flights with transfers.  Code-share cooperation is based on the sharing of codes on flights operated by one of the contractual partners.  For passengers, another practical advantage of this type of cooperation is that they can purchase a single ticket for flights with several airlines.  Czech Airlines passengers are also credited miles for code-share flights in their OK Plus Frequent flyer programme.

Increases in the Number of Weekly Flights on Czech Airlines Routes in the 2009/2010 Winter Flight Schedule (as compared to the 2008/2009 winter flight schedule)

Moscow +5 flights 
Tashkent +5
Yekaterinburg +2
Yerevan +2
Milan +2
Rostov-on-Don +1

Tbilisi +1
Minsk +1
Beirut +1
Ljubljana +1
Barcelona +1
Bologna +1

Decreases in the Number of Weekly Flights on Czech Airlines Routes in the 2009/2010 Winter Flight Schedule 
Ostrava -5 flights
Riga -5
Žilina -5
Venice -5
London -4
Stuttgart -4
Oslo -3
Stockholm -2
Tel Aviv -2
Zurich -2

Charter Carriage
On charter flights, Czech Airlines will newly offer flights to the Colombian island of San Andrés, in the Caribbean, and to Libérie in Costa Rica: the gate to the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano and Santa Rosa National Parks and to the famous beaches of the Guanacaste province, also called the Golden Shore.  Czech Airlines will continue to fly to traditional winter destinations, such as Varadero in Cuba, the Venezuelan island of La Isla Margarita, Cancún in Mexico, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, and El Salvador.  In Egypt, Czech Airlines charter flights will land in Hurgada, Sharm El Sheik, and Taba.  As usual, Czech Airlines operates charter flights to the Canary Islands as well as to certain destinations in Greece, Italy, Israel, and Ireland.

Hana Hejsková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson