25. 03. 2010 - The Czech Airlines Summer Flight Schedule: New Destinations and More Diverse Refreshments on Board

Prague, 26 March 2010

At the end of March, the new Czech Airlines summer flight schedule will take effect. It will offer passengers not only new destinations, but a broader selection of in-flight services. In developing the flight schedule for the upcoming season, the Airline proceeded on the basis of the current situation on the aviation market. The outcome is an enhancement of flights to the destinations that are most in demand, as well as a modification of the frequencies on less utilised routes. Czech Airlines’ operations retain their network structure, thanks to which the Airline is managing to increase the number of its transfer passenger. Czech Airlines’ market share of transfer carriage at Prague Airport stood at 97% at the end of last year.

New Routes, Enhanced Eastward Connections

During the summer season, Czech Airlines will newly offer connections to Astana, Kazakhstan, and Dubrovnik, Croatia. After taking a winter break, the Airline is also renewing its service between Prague and Manchester. Overall, Czech Airlines will offer scheduled flights to 110 destinations in 45 countries around the world in the 2010 Summer Season, of which 68 destinations in 38 countries will be in its own route network. Czech Airlines aircraft will also continue to fly on irregular, so-called charter routes, and carry the clients of travel agencies on their vacation.

Czech Airlines is gradually adapting and optimising its flight schedule, such that it would reflect the current situation on the aviation market. Routes that enjoy greater interest among passengers have been enhanced.  Six flights were added on the Belgrade route, and Czech Airlines will also fly more frequently to St. Petersburg, Damascus, Beirut, Cairo, and certain destinations in the Near East.  An additional flight has also been added on the Hamburg route, which Czech Airlines will now operate up to 18 times a week.  Due to lower demand, on the other hand, flights at certain less-used times will be reduced, which concerns for example certain flights to Ostrava, Oslo, Venice, Riga, and Stuttgart. The summer flight schedule will be in force from 28 March through 30 October 2010.

More Diverse Refreshments and Newspapers on Board Czech Airlines 

The introduction of the summer flight schedule will bring changes in the refreshments served on board of Czech Airlines aircraft, both in Business Class and Economy Class. Passengers can look forward to a greater selection of free beverages and a higher quality of food being served. The weight of the food will be increased, as well as the amount of vegetables, and the selection of meat will be expanded. Miniature bottles of alcoholic beverages and small snacks will continue to be sold at a charge, and will be offered as a part of the SkyShop. Food will be served on newly designed tableware, whose low weight makes it easy to handle for both the passengers and the in-flight staff. And the offer of periodicals available to passengers on board has also been extended.


Hana Hejsková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Officer