24. 10. 2009 - Czech Airlines to Lease an Airbus to New Caledonia

Prague, 24 October 2009

A Czech Airlines Airbus A320 with the matriculation OK-GEB will embark on a 28-hour voyage today, to New Caledonia in the Pacific Ocean, where it will fly for the local airline Aircalin, in its original Czech Airlines colours.  This is a so-called ACMI lease, which will run until 25 November 2009.

Czech Airlines concluded an agreement for the lease of an aircraft with Aircalin-Air Calédonie International for the period from 28 October through 25 November, with an option to extend it through to 15 December 2009.  In addition to the aircraft, Czech Airlines will also provide its New Caledonian partner with three complete crews, comprised of captains, second pilots, and a complete cabin crew.  Also the technical maintenance of the aircraft will be done by Czech Airlines staff.  For the entire term of the lease, five mechanics will operate on site.  The ACMI lease (A = aircraft, C = crew, M = maintenance, and I = insurance) also includes the insurance of the aircraft, crews, and mechanics.  The insurance of passengers, their baggage, and the cargo carried is the responsibility of Aircalin.

The Czech Airlines aircraft will be based at La Tontoutainternational Airport in the capital, Nouméa. During its main tourist season, it will be deployed on regular Aircalin flights from Nouméi to Brisbane and Sydney in Australia, Auckland in New Zealand, Nadi in Fiji, Port Vily in Vanuatu, and Hihifo Airport on Wallis Island (the archipelago of Wallis and Futuna).

During its flight to Nouméi in New Caledonia, the Czech Airlines aircraft will make three technical stops: at the international airports in Maskata in Oman, Bangkok in Thailand, and Darwin, in North Australia.  Once the aircraft leaves Europe, it will fly via Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, India, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, and Australia to New Caledonia.

Société Aircalin-Air Calédonie International is an international airline operating scheduled flights to more than ten destinations in the Pacific area, to Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.  The airline was established in 1983. It employs over 400 people and its fleet comprises three Airbuses, of the A320 and A330 types.


Hana Hejsková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson