24. 03. 2009 - Czech Airlines Passengers Will Newly Receive Notification by SMS about the Internet Check-in Option

Prague, 24 March 2009

Czech Airlines passengers will newly receive an SMS informing them about the option of checking in for their flight via the Internet. The service, which Czech Airlines has offered since mid March, is designed for all Business and Economy Class passengers who request it when purchasing their ticket over the Internet. When check-in opens for a particular flight, approximately 24 hours before departure, a short text message will be delivered to their mobile telephone with a note that they can now check in via the Internet.

So far, Czech Airlines is offering the service on a trial basis on flights from six airports. In addition to flights from Prague, passengers can now request SMS notices about check-in on flights from London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, and Hamburg. From May, the service will expand to all 35 destinations in which the Airline offers Internet Check-in.

With Internet Check-in, passengers save time waiting in a line at the airport. Furthermore, with the new SMS service, they no longer need to go on the Internet to find out whether check-in for their flight has already opened. In the future, this innovation should be developed further, with the addition of mobile check-in proper, by which means a passenger should have the option to check in directly through his mobile telephone. A boarding pass in the form of a code (2D bar code) should be delivered to his mobile telephone, which he would show when boarding the aircraft. At the airport, he would then only have to undergo a security and passport check. In order for a mobile check-in system to be introduced, an airport must be equipped with scanning equipment at each boarding gate.

Czech Airlines began offering the option to check in from the comfort of one’s home or office over the Internet in June 2007. Presently, passengers can encounter this option at 35 destinations, i.e., in 48 percent of the Czech Airlines network. On routes with a high proportion of business travellers, such as London, Paris, and Amsterdam, the service is already used by an average of 10 to 20 percent of passengers; and on certain more in-demand flights, by up to 35 percent of passengers. On average, about five percent of all Czech Airlines passengers presently check in via the Internet, which is comparable to other traditional airlines. Since the introduction of the service in June 2007, it has already been used by about 160,000 people.

With the Internet Check-in service, the passenger can select his seat on the aircraft from the peace and comfort of his home or office, and print up his boarding pass. Upon arrival at the airport, he no longer has to go to the check-in counter, but proceeds directly to passport and security checks. This allows him to arrive at the airport with less time before his flight. Passengers can check in over the Internet in three simple steps no earlier than 24 hours, and no later than 35 minutes, before the planned departure. Czech Airlines’ Internet Check-in can even be used by passengers travelling with baggage. Upon arrival at the airport, they drop their baggage of at a special desk labelled as “Baggage Drop-off“, and proceed directly to passport and security checks.

The Internet Check-in Option is available from the following Czech Airlines destinations:

Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Belgrade, Berlin, Bratislava, Bucharest, Budapest, Cologne, Copenhagen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Košice, Larnaka, London – Heathrow, Manchester, Marseille, Munich, Paris – Charles de Gaulle, Poprad, Prague, Riga, Rome, Sofia, Stockholm, Strasburg, Stuttgart, Tel Aviv, Venice, Vilnius, Warsaw, Zagreb, and Zurich. For information about Czech Airlines’ electronic services, including detailed instructions for their use, see our website at www.czechairlines.com, in the Online Services tab.

Daniela Hupáková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson