24. 04. 2007 - Czech Airlines Set to Fly the Czech Hockey Team to the Moscow World Championship

Prague, April 24, 2007

On April 26th, a special Czech Airlines (CSA) flight will be carrying the Czech National Hockey Team to the 2007 World Championship competition in Moscow, which is to start on Friday, April 27th. The hockey players are highly demanding travelers with special requirements that range from their onboard meals to their oversized luggage. 

The hockey players are very special customers and CSA tries to accommodate them as best they can in all respects and to offer them the highest quality services," said Zdeněk Prejzek, the head of CSA's charter division. The athletes have special requirements – for example, their luggage often includes very valuable sports equipment. The hockey team normally flies to a game with up to 3 tons of cargo. The players also have special inflight service requirements, which include the catering. During a flight to a game, CSA serves lighter meals; while, during the flight back, the team usually looks forward to traditional Czech meals.

CSA has been working with the Czech hockey team for many years through the Asiana Travel Agency. The national team's last flight onboard a CSA plane was last week's trip to Helsinki, where the team played in a Euro Hockey Tour series game. A CSA plane also brought home the gold medals from the 2005 Hockey World Championship in Vienna and the silver medals from the World Championship in Riga last spring. "We are confident that we will be flying home gold medals from Moscow in May on board one of our planes," said Zdeněk Prejzek.

Besides the national A-team, CSA also often carries junior hockey teams on its regular flights.  For example, last year in December, the Czech team of junior players up to the age of 20 was flown on a regular CSA flight to the world championship in Stockholm. In February, CSA flew junior hockey players in the under 16 age category. In April, the airline carried the Czech hockey team with players in the under 18 age category to the world championship in Helsinki. January saw Czech Airlines carrying the Czech team of veteran hockey players to a tournament in Minsk. Besides the Czech national hockey teams, the Sparta Praha hockey team is also a client of CSA's. In January, the Sparta Praha team took one of CSA's regular flights to the European Champions Cup in St Petersburg.


Daniela Hupáková
CSA Spokesperson