23. 11. 2007 - Czech Airlines Plans to Introduce Eleven New Routes in 2008

Prague, 23 November 2007

Czech Airlines is planning to launch six new scheduled routes, as well as five new charter ones.  Hence, after some time, the Czech Airlines network will again grow.  The first new route will be the connection between Prague and Bordeaux, France, with a touch-down in Munich, to be introduced in early March.  Furthermore, the Airline is planning direct flights to Damascus, in Syria; Heraclion, in Crete; Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan; Rostov-on-Don in Russia, and Tbilisi, the Georgian capital.  In charter carriage, El Salvador and another four flights to the former Yugoslavia, Italy, and Greece will be added.

After two years of restructuring, Czech Airlines has got itself into good enough shape to be able to afford such a financially demanding step as the opening of routes to new destinations.  In 2008, we are planning to open up six schedule flights,” said Vice-President for Marketing and Product Development Petr Pištělák.

In March, shortly after putting the new direct flight to Bordeaux into operation, the Czech Airlines network should be supplemented by a direct flight from Prague to Almaty. In April, the launch of routes to Tbilisi, Rostov-on-Don, and Damascus is planned, and in May to Heraclion.

Starting next year, Czech Airlines is also implementing a new mode of operation to North America.  Flights to the United States will continue to be operated as this year – with a daily service to JFK Airport in New York; also, our code-share cooperation with Delta Air Lines on the flight from Prague to Atlanta will continue.  Our flights to Canada will be adapted to the vast majority of passengers, whose demand is concentrated on summer months.  Czech Airlines will therefore transfer to seasonal operation only to Toronto, which is in higher demand among local passengers.  Czech Airlines will provide a service to Toronto 3 times a week between June and October.  Czech Airlines is presently not planning to continue to serve its second Canadian destination – Montreal – using its own aircraft.

Charter operations in winter have intensified significantly, as El Salvador and another four flights to the former Yugoslavia, Italy, and Greece will be added to the already traditional flights to the Caribbean island of Isla Margarita; Varadero, Cuba; and the Dominican Republic.

Next year, Czech Airlines plans to enhance its short-haul operations, to destinations having a greater potential number of passengers who would use Prague as a transfer point to connecting flights in the Czech Airlines network, such as destinations in Germany, Slovakia, the Balkans, and in Scandinavia.  On the other hand, routes which do not boast that potential, will be reduced, such as the Prague-Vienna route, which is used exclusively by local passengers, whose numbers do not suffice to maintain efficient operation.

When opening up new destinations in 2008, Czech Airlines has for the first time in history used market data on aviation and passenger demand in Europe,” noted Petr Pištělák. “Hence, the risk of failure has been minimised with the soon to be opened routes,” he added.

Daniela Hupáková
Czech Airlines Spokesperson