23. 04. 2007 - Jan Bürgermeister Joins as the Latest Member of CSA's Supervisory Board

Prague, April 23, 2007

Today, Jan Bürgermeister becomes a new member of the Czech Airline's Supervisory Board. After adding its last member, the 12-member board is now complete.

A brief resume:

Jan Bürgermeister – He is a graduate of the Czech Technical University in Prague, where he obtained a degree in structural engineering and did graduate work in structural mechanics and dynamics. He started his professional career as a project designer at Metroprojekt and he later worked at the Projektový Ústav ČKD engineering design institute. Between 1990 and 1995, he was CEO and co-owner of the design and construction firm PaP Servis s r.o. From 1994 – 2002, he was the City Manager of the District of Prague 1 and, between 2002 and 2006, he was the Deputy Mayor of the City of Prague. Since 2003, he has been serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kongresové Centrum Praha a.s., a company that is wholly owned by the City of Prague. Since 2006, he has also been serving as a Member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament.

CSA Supervisory Board:
Ivan Kočárník – Chairman
Tomáš Uvíra – 1st Vice Chairman
Dušan Horák – 2nd Vice Chairman
Jan Bürgermeister
Ivan Foltýn
Pavel Hladík
Jaroslav Lorenc
Kateřina Malechová
Hana Pešková
Petr Polák
Ivana Řápková
Pavel Škvára

Daniela Hupáková
CSA Spokesperson