22. 11. 2012 - Starting in December, Czech Airlines Will Begin Integrating All of Its Airline Systems Using the Amadeus Altéa Platform

Prague, 22 November 2012

In cooperation with the Spanish company Amadeus, Czech Airlines has embarked on a major project to innovate all of its airline systems – with the goal of saving tens of millions of crowns annually. By bringing all of these systems together using Amadeus’ Altéa platform, the operation of these systems will be both simplified and speeded up. These upgraded systems will allow the development of new services and provide enhanced passenger comfort. The first part of the migration will take place from 1 – 2 December 2012, while the second part of the migration, which is to deal with check-in, will take place next March.

The unification of the reservation, ticketing and inventory systems with the electronic ticket database onto one platform will have a number of advantages: greater stability, prevention of conflicts, increased system speeds and throughput of communication. With this new technological solution, the airline will be able to further develop new services to bring in additional revenue.

"In our current situation, our system solutions are out-dated, inconvenient and too expensive. By taking this step, Czech Airlines will be able to significantly reduce costs in the range of tens of millions of crowns a year," commented Jiří Marek, Board Member and Vice President of Czech Airlines for Sales and Marketing. "Without the unification of our systems and their migration over to this new platform, Czech Airlines would, for example, never be able to introduce passenger check-in by phone, or to make use of a single Passenger Name Record (PNR) system, which is becoming the global standard,” added Edita Postávková, Director of Czech Airlines Ground Operations Management and Products.

In the first phase of this project, the upgrade and migration will only deal with those systems that manage and control the airline’s flight schedule, including code-share flights. This will include the availability of seating capacity, reservations, ticket issuance and ticketing databases – all integrated with downstream applications using this new platform. The entire migration process will take place gradually starting on Saturday night, 1 December, through Sunday, 2 December 2012. The integration process will be handled by a joint team of ICT specialists from Czech Airlines, Czech Aeroholding and Amadeus. During this time, some services of the company, such as the ability to make reservations or purchase tickets, may be available in a diminished capacity or may be temporarily disconnected in order to complete the migration process.

In March of next year, Czech Airlines and Amadeus will continue with the second phase of this modernization and migration process – this time involving all passenger check-in systems.

Since this past spring, Czech Airlines has been working in earnest to prepare for this migration process by testing the global distribution systems, all code-share flights, handling coordination with partners, etc. Last, but not least, this has also included new training for all employees and partners working in ticketing and check-in.

The technology solution from Amadeus was a logical choice for Czech Airlines. “Czech Airlines’ partners and members of the Sky Team Alliance are all gradually switching over to this new suite of IT solutions. Based on the bids received and the technology solution we were looking for, this was the obvious choice,” concluded Edita Postávková.


Hana Hejsková
Director of Communications
Czech Airlines Spokesperson