22. 11. 2007 - Foreign Clients Reach a 40% Share of Czech Airlines’ Charter Flights

Prague, 22 November 2007

Czech Airlines provides charter flights to foreign clients with increasing frequency.  They now account for 40% of the charter division’s operations.  Czech Airlines’ charter flights are increasingly ordered by various foreign and domestic sports teams, multinational companies, and even musical bodies.  Czech Airlines’ services is thus used by the Czech national ice hockey team, by football teams from the Netherlands, Poland, Greece, and other countries, and the Irish rugby team.

Among the clients of Czech Airlines’ charter department have also been the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, members of Belgian aristocratic families, and the Airbus Testing Team on its trip to test the largest passenger jet of the day – the Airbus A380.  For several years, Czech Airlines’ charters have flown to Katovice and Gdansk in Poland, and Trondheim in Norway, carrying fresh crews for ocean-faring boats.  This year, Czech Airlines also carried the Slovenian President, Janez Drnovšek, from Ljubljana to Skopje, for an official state visit.

Given the diversity of its clientele, the charter department must be prepared to comply with any request for services, whether prior to the flight or on board.  For example, sports teams request special light refreshments before matches.  They also have greater demands with respect to baggage, as it often contains very valuable sports equipment.  For example, an ice hockey team carries up to three tonnes of baggage with it.  Also the carriage of an orchestra, with their often extremely valuable instruments, is demanding in terms of the baggage.  “Top level athletes and musicians are very discerning clients, and Czech Airlines tries to meet all their needs and to offer them top-level services,” noted the Director of Czech Airlines Charters, Zdeněk Prejzek.

Daniela Hupáková
Czech Airlines Spokesperson