02. 12. 2008 - HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines Meets the Demand for Ski Trips by Air

Prague, 2 December 2008

The demand for skiing abroad keeps growing from year to year.  Czech Airlines’ travel agency, HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines, is also adapting its offer to this trend: it offers ski enthusiasts trips to ski centres in Switzerland and Bulgaria, with air carriage on scheduled Czech Airlines flights.

Passengers can choose from various accommodation categories – from three-star hotels to the most luxurious five-star resorts.  The hotels are located near ski lifts.  The prices include tickets with all fees, transfer from the airport, and insurance.  The price includes hotel accommodation, usually including breakfast, and in many cases also a ski pass for the duration of the stay and many additional services, including a wellness programme.

Especially entrepreneurs and businessmen realise the advantage of fast air carriage on ski trips.  “It is primarily them who appreciate the fact that only a few hours after boarding an aircraft, they are directly on the spot, and thanks to accommodation near a ski lift, they can practically walk out of their hotel, put their skis on, and set out towards snow fun,” said the Director of the HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines travel agency, Andrea Nuttall.  With the use of air transport, they save not only time but also lots of stress in figuring out how to get around congested motorways.

Aside from the most luxurious ski resorts in Switzerland, HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines also offers ski trips to Bulgaria.  The Bansko resort, one of the most beautiful resorts in Bulgaria, compares well to ski resorts in the Alps, both in terms of the amenities it features and the standard of hotel accommodation; HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines therefore expects that it will attract business people who long to get to know new, unknown places.  Based on client demand, HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines will keep expanding its offer.  For example, trips to Italy are being planned. 

Carrying Ski Gear
To winter sport enthusiasts, Czech Airlines offers the possibility of carrying skis and other ski gear.  The Airline recommends that passengers inform it about the carrying of skis when they book their tickets.  Details about ski carriage are available in the Conditions of Carriage on www.czechairlines.com or can be obtained through the Contact Centre at +420 239 007 007.

Basic information about carrying ski gear:

  • Ski gear means a bag with one pair of skis, poles, and boots, or a snowboard with one pair of boots.  One bag with ski gear must not exceed 32 kg in weight;
  • On European trips, a passenger’s regular luggage and bag with skis are weighed together; if the weight of the items does not exceed the limit stated on the ticket, ski gear is carried free of charge (the general rule is that the baggage allowance for an Economy Class passenger is 20 kg, and 30 kg for a Business Class passenger);
  • If the weight of both items together exceeds the baggage allowance, the weight of the skis is deducted from that total; Czech Airlines will collect a fee for that excess weight as for 3 kilograms of overweight baggage; the overweight baggage fee is determined according to the target destination;
  • If the luggage weight (even after the weight of the skis is deducted) is still higher than the baggage allowance, the passenger will pay 3 kg of overweight baggage for the skis and the actual excess weight of the luggage;
  • Waxes, irons, scrapers, and chemical preparations for wax removal are only permitted in checked luggage that will be carried in the cargo hold; these items cannot be carried in hand luggage.

Daniela Hupáková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson