20. 08. 2009 - Czech Airlines Tickets Can Now Be Paid for Not Only by Card, But Also with a Bank Transfer

Prague, 20 August 2009

Czech Airlines services can now be paid for with a cashless online transfer, directly from one account to another. The holders of any account in a Czech branch of Raiffeisenbank, or the users of the PaySec payment tool developed by Poštovní spořitelna, can thereby not only purchase tickets and travel insurance, but also save thirty percent on an excess baggage allowance, if needed. The innovation applies for purchases through the Internet portals www.csa.cz and www.czechairlines.com.

The use of the Internet in purchasing decisions is growing significantly, and in spite of that, buyers’ caution prevails in making credit card payments via websites,“ explains Jiří Devát, Vice Chairman of the Management Board and Vice President for Information Technologies at Czech Airlines, adding: “The launch of this payment tool and other services, this September and October, will simplify purchases through the Czech Airlines website and make them more attractive. Hence, we expect this sales channel to be used by an increasing portion of our clientele.

Online payments by cashless transfer from one account to another constitute a new alternative method that is being added to the Czech Airlines website as a part of the eCommerce project.  The option is available to the clients of Raiffeisenbank and the users of the PaySec payment tool developed by Poštovní spořitelna. With a cashless transfer from one account to another, the transaction takes place in real time, and after the customer confirms his booking and selects the type of payment and account, he is redirected directly to the online Internet banking system of his bank, with a pre-filled payment order. The amount is credited to Czech Airlines’ account within minutes and the ticket is issued for the client immediately, within a maximum of twenty-four hours.

Czech Airlines is developing the eCommerce project systematically. In March, for example, the Airline offered the sale of travel insurance on its website, together with a ticket, for its clients in the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Spain, Romania, and Slovakia. In the first three months after the introduction of the service, its penetration reached 15% in the Czech Republic and 10% in foreign markets. In July, Czech Airlines launched excess baggage prepayment over the Internet, as a part of the eCommerce project. In early August, Czech Airlines also began selling travel insurance on the markets in Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway.

Czech Airlines will continue to implement further stages of the eCommerce project and to improve its online services this autumn as well. The next in line will be the new possibility for the customers of other banking houses in the Czech Republic to pay by an account transfer.  In this case, these will be so-called off-line payments, when a ticket will only be issued once the payment is confirmed by the other party, i.e., the customer’s bank.

Czech Airlines is also planning to launch an innovated booking and shopping module. This will allow clients to purchase tickets and travel insurance or, for example, book a hotel, all in one shopping basket, and to pay one total sum, by using a credit card or an Internet payment card, or via an online or off-line cashless transfer, through a transfer from one account to another.

Hana Hejsková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson