20. 07. 2007 - 5,000 CSA Passengers Check-In Online in the First Month of the New Service

Prague, July 20, 2007

Five thousand passengers have taken advantage of the new online check-in option, which is available through the Czech Airlines (CSA) website, during the first month of this newly launched service. This number was consistent with the company's expected usage. The new check-in option has been rapidly growing in popularity in recent days. CSA is projecting that 20% of all passengers will be checking-in online within a year's time. CSA introduced the option to check-in by visiting the www.czechairlines.com website on June 18, 2007. The service is still in its startup phase and is thus currently only available for flights originating in Prague, Paris and Amsterdam. 
The online check-in option lets passengers select their seat and print out a boarding pass from the comfort of their home or office. After arriving at the airport, the passenger no longer has to stop in at the check-in counter and can instead go directly to the passport and security control. This allows the passenger to get to the airport as late as just 35 minutes prior to the departure time of the flight. 

Passengers traveling with luggage can also use the online check-in. They do this by simply dropping off their luggage at a special 'baggage drop-off' counter and then continuing directly on to the passport and security control. The service is available to all CSA passengers who have purchased an e-ticket. E-tickets currently represent approximately 70% of CSA's total ticket sales.

During the initial rollout of this service, the online check-in feature is available for CSA flights originating at airports in Prague (Ruzyne), Paris (Charles de Gaulle) and Amsterdam (Schipol). These are CSA's priority airports in terms of both services offered and in numbers of passengers. Prague, Paris and Amsterdam will soon be followed by other airports at which this service will be made available.

In addition to its new online check-in option, CSA has also introduced an easier-to-use online booking system. This other new system, which has been operating since the middle of June, speeds up the booking process and improves the online interface through which passengers access the system with a more user-friendly layout. With these changes, the total price for the ticket (excluding additional taxes and fees) is shown to the passenger during the second step of the booking process. Passengers buying tickets can select their desired type and price of ticket by choosing from one of the five fare package options offered by the system. CSA's main website also now sports a new design. Further improvements in CSA's internet-based services, which are available to customers, will also be introduced later this year. 

Daniela Hupáková

CSA Spokesperson