20. 4. 2007 - Czech Airlines Receives the Last of This Year's New Airbuses

Prague, April 20, 2007

Czech Airlines (CSA) has just received the last of its new Airbus planes scheduled for delivery this year. The Airbus A319, with a seating capacity of 135 passengers, landed at Prague's Ruzynĕ Airport on Thursday night.  Over the past year, CSA has acquired a total of five new Airbus planes designed for medium distance travel. The newly delivered plane is scheduled to take its first commercial flight this coming Monday, when it will take off shortly before noon for Minsk.

The new Airbus A320/A319 planes, which have helped CSA modernize its fleet this year, offer passengers a greater level of comfort and are used primarily for flights within Europe. The new planes offer a more comfortable travel experience in the form of a more spacious and wider cabin and they have more room in the overhead luggage compartments. Passengers can also benefit from the latest in onboard communication technologies. CSA is generally using its new mid-range aircraft for service to high demand destinations such as Moscow, Paris, Madrid and Brussels.

The airline acquired its first three new Airbus A320 planes last year. This year, CSA has received a total of five new Airbus planes (three A320s and two A319s). In 2008, Airbus S.A.S. will be delivering the last four A319 planes currently on order from CSA. All twelve of the new Airbus aircraft were ordered under an October 2004 tender. The new Airbus planes are slowly replacing the existing Boeing 737s, which are being returned to their leasing company at the expiration of their operating leases this April and May.

Assembly of the A319 at the Airbus Plant in Hamburg
The A319 aircraft are assembled at the Airbus factory in Hamburg, Germany. It takes from 28-30 days to assemble the plane from its various components, which have been manufactured in a number of EU countries. The individual parts of the fuselage, which are produced by Airbus plants in France and Germany, are joined together at the hangar used for the assembly of the planes airframe. Onto the airframe are then attached the wings, which are manufactured in England, the tail section, which comes from Spain, and then the various interior elements of the cabin are fitted. The then assembled plane is transferred to another hangar where engines are mounted into the engine compartments. The engines that are used in the Airbus planes that are delivered to Czech Airlines are manufactured by CFM International S.A. The last part of the process is the painting of the aircraft, during which the plane is dressed with CSA's colors over a period of 5-6 days.

The New Planes
CSA ordered the new planes in a layout featuring two seating classes – business and economy. The new Airbus is configured for 162 seats and the plane is powered by engines produced by the CFM International S.A. consortium. The aircraft has a range 1,200 km greater than CSA's existing medium-haul fleet and, compared to the classic generation of Boeing 737 aircraft, it is approximately five per cent faster.  The Airbus A320/319 aircraft are very efficient to operate, due to their lower fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs, and greater performance on short runways.  The A320/319s are also environmentally "cleaner" to operate - they comply with strict noise and emission norms and offer a significantly greater carrying capacity.

Daniela Hupáková
CSA Spokesperson