19. 4. 2007 - In Q1 CSA Increased the Number of Passengers on Routes between Prague and Slovakia by more than 16 Percent

Prague, 19 April 2007

Over the first quarter of this year, Czech Airlines (CSA) carried more than 48,000 passengers on flights between Prague and Slovakia.  Year on year, their number thus grew by more than 16 per cent.  CSA expects a further increase in passenger numbers during the rest of the year.

Over the first three months of the year, CSA operated nearly 720 flights between Prague and Slovakia, which was a year-on-year increase of just under two percent.  “A significantly higher year-on-year increase in the number of passengers carried, as compared to the increase of our carriage capacity, shows that CSA’s services to Slovakia are a high-quality product for our clients, in which there is interest.  A positive change in the number of passengers carried, and thereby also in CSA’s load factor, means an overall improvement in the profitability of those flights,” said CSA’s Vice-President for Sales, Petr Řehák.

During the summer flight schedule, i.e., from 25 March to 27 October, CSA offers regular connections between Prague and Bratislava four times a day, leaving Prague at 7:05, 11:50, 17:05, and 21:50.  The flight to Bratislava takes one hour.  CSA flights also go from Prague to Košice four times a day.  CSA offers daily flights to Žilina, and it flies to Sliač, every day but Saturday.  An innovation, with the summer flight schedule, is a service to Poprad.  CSA has extended its flights to Sliač to this airport nestled below the peaks of the Tatras, with a stop-over in Sliač, enabling passengers from Prague to fly to Poprad daily, except for Saturdays. 

On most flights between Prague and Slovakia, Czech Airlines deploys ATR 42 or 72 aircraft, for 46 and 64 passengers, respectively.  In certain cases, on the more in-demand routes, the Airline also uses Boeing 737-500 aircraft, for 108 passengers, or the B737-400, for up to 162 passengers.

On flights between Prague and Slovak towns, Czech Airlines also carried 113 tonnes of goods and mail in the first quarter.

Over the last year, CSA carried nearly 210,000 passengers on its flights connecting Prague with Slovakia, thus registering a more than 6 % y/y increase.  CSA operated nearly 3,000 flights between Prague and Slovakia last year, which represents 5% y/y growth.  CSA also carried more than 485 tonnes of goods and mail on flights between Prague and Slovakia in 2006.  Year-on-year, the carriage of goods alone increased by nearly 5%.

Overall, in Q1 2007, CSA carried 1.06 million passengers on all of its services, which head to 104 destinations in 44 countries worldwide, which is a 5.2% increase compared to Q1 2006.  Over the last year, CSA carried a record 5.5 million passengers, and it expects a further increase this year.

CSA places great emphasis on the punctuality of its flights.  Last year, it took second place in flight punctuality, in the ranking of 26 European airlines associated in the Association of European Airlines (AEA).  Last August and last December, CSA came first.

Daniela Hupáková
CSA Spokesperson