19. 11. 2007 - Czech Airlines Receives Award for Providing Equal Opportunities to Women and Men

Prague, 19 November 2007

Czech Airlines received a special prize from Gender Studies in a competition for the best company offering equal opportunities for women and men.  In the competition’s third year, Czech Airlines was awarded for harmonising work and personal lives.  The awards ceremony took place on 15 November in Salla Terena in the Břevnov Monastery in Prague.

According to Gender Studies, Czech Airlines has made significant progress in the last year in harmonising the work and personal lives of its employees.  The Airline introduced a programme to support women and men on maternity and parental leave.  When going on maternity or parental leave, employees receive information in writing about their rights and obligations and are offered the opportunity to participate in one of Czech Airlines’ educational programmes during that period.

For Czech Airlines, supporting the harmonisation of family life and work is primarily an ethical issue and a form of social responsibility,” added the Director of the Czech Airlines Personnel Policy Department, Veronika Klápová.  Czech Airlines presently employs some 4,700 people, with an average age of 38 years.  Women constitute about 41 percent of that number.  The Airline is repaid for its positive approach to its employees in the social sphere, by employee loyalty, reduced work-force fluctuation and the attendant drain of corporate know-how, and enhanced client trust.
Czech Airlines’ next step in personnel policy will be to open a contact room, for parents with children who come to its headquarters to arrange work-related matters.  The meeting room will provide an environment for their children and a discrete zone for nursing.  It will be equipped with a play corner and a changing table.  The interior decorations will be provided by the ‘Red Maple St. Prokop sheltered workshop’ with which Czech Airlines cooperates. 

The Gender Studies competition is designed for companies that appreciate their employees and take active care of them.  It is a part of the project “On Equality with Companies”, which receives financial support from the European Union and the Czech Republic, and it focuses on motivating employers to implement equal opportunities programmes, and on research into harmonising private and work lives.

Czech Airlines has already received one award for its approach to its employees this year, having taken third place in the competition The Most Desired Employers of the Year.  Last year, Czech Airlines won that competition, and in 2005, it came third.

Daniela Hupáková
Czech Airlines Spokesperson