19. 10. 2009 - Personnel Changes in Czech Airlines’ Statutory Bodies

Prague, 19 October 2009

An extraordinary meeting of the Czech Airlines Supervisory Board took place today.  Radomír Lašák, Jiří Devát, Dušan Ryban, Jiří Hrbáček, Petr Pištělák, Jan Janík, and Roman Planička resigned as members of the Management Board.  Peter Jusko remains on the Board.  Miroslav Dvořák, Josef Adam, Jan Trčala, and Pavel Dolák were appointed as new members of the Management Board.

The mandate of the new members of the Management Board, with the exception of Miroslav Dvořák, is limited in terms of time. It is related to preparing documentation for transactions for enhancing the company’s liquidity and preparing the Extraordinary General Meeting of Czech Airlines to be held on 18 November 2009, when their term will expire.  The General Meeting will also decide on the proposal of the Management Board to reduce the number of its members from nine to five and to reduce the number of Supervisory Board members from the present twelve to nine.  It will also approve the new members of both bodies.

The appointment of Mr. Dvořák, until now the CEO of Prague Airport, does not constitute a conflict of interest.  Both companies, i.e., Czech Airlines and Prague Airport, are controlled entities according to the applicable legislation, whose common shareholder is the State,” said the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board Miroslav Zámečník, who was elected today, following the resignation of the present Supervisory Board Chairman Václav Novák. Zdeněk Šmejkal also resigned as a Supervisory Board member today.

The new Management Board will decide on any related personnel changes.

None of the projects for restructuring the airline that were presented by the management has been stopped; matters are proceeding according to the approved time-schedule. The Supervisory Board notes that the company’s liquidity has been ensured,” said the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board Miroslav Zámečník.


Hana Hejsková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson