19. 08. 2008 - Czech Airlines to Carry the Polish Olympic Team

Prague, 19 August 2008

On 25 August, Czech Airlines will operate a flight from Beijing to Warsaw for the Polish Olympic Team.  The Olympic athletes will be carried home on Czech Airlines’ Airbus A310.  This will be the first ever flight of a Czech Airlines aircraft to China in the airline’s modern history.  Furthermore, it will be one of the longest flights operated by Czech Airlines to the East of Prague without a touch-down.

The flight from Prague to Beijing should take approximately 8:40 hours, and the flight from Beijing to Warsaw approximately 8:50 hours.  The actual length of the flights may be significantly influenced by wind, but also by the actual flight route chosen.  After the Games come to an end, on Monday 25 August, Czech Airlines will carry the Polish Olympians and the members of the Polish Olympic Committee.  Most likely, the airline’s services will be used by some of the Polish medal winners, such as the bronze-medal wrestler, Agnieszka Wieszczeková.

Various domestic and foreign sports teams are becoming increasingly frequent clients of the Czech Airlines Charter Department: for example, Czech Airlines’ services are regularly used by the Czech national ice-hockey team, football teams from the Netherlands, Poland, Greece, and other countries, and the Irish rugby team.  Foreign clients, not only sports teams, but also supranational companies, account for 40 percent of Czech Airlines’ charter operations this year.

“Athletes are a specific clientele.  Czech Airlines tries to accommodate them in all respects and to offer them top-level services,” noted Czech Airlines Director for Charter Flights, Zdeněk Prejzek.  Athletes have special requirements, such as in terms of baggage carriage, as their baggage often contains very valuable sports equipment.  They are also demanding in terms of in-flight services, including food.

In the first half of this year, over 333,000 passengers travelled on Czech Airlines’ charter flights, constituting nearly 8.2 percent year-on-year growth.  Charter carriage for foreign clients accounted for about 40 percent of these operations.


Daniela Hupáková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson