19. 04. 2007 - CSA Celebrates 60 Years of Service to Athens, Cairo, and Istanbul

Prague, 19 April 2007

Today, Czech Airlines (CSA) celebrated sixty years since the launch of three regular services, from Prague to Athens, Cairo, and Istanbul.  CSA’s inaugural flights to those three destinations in Greece, Egypt, and Turkey took place on 19 April 1947.  At that time, the route was serviced by the legendary Dakota DC-3 aircraft.  Testimony to the significance of this type of service for CSA is the fact that, for example, Cairo was the first intercontinental flight on which CSA deployed the TU 104 jet aircraft, in 1958.

Presently, on these flights to Athens, Cairo, and Istanbul, CSA deploys Boeing 737s, or its brand new Airbus A320s, which are gradually rejuvenating CSA’s medium-haul fleet.  Last year, the route to Athens was flown by 109,000 passengers, to Istanbul by 39,000, and to Cairo, by 29,000.  Demand for the flights to Athens, for example, increased by one-third, year on year.  In the first quarter alone, CSA’s service between Prague and Athens was used by another 19,000 passengers. Between Prague and Istanbul, CSA flew more than 8,000 passengers, in the first three months of the year, and 6,000 between Prague and Cairo.

CSA’s service to Athens, Cairo, and Istanbul is primarily used by businessmen and managers.  Many of the passengers take CSA connecting flights from Prague, primarily to Western Europe and Scandinavia, but also to the USA and Canada.

In the summer season, CSA offers daily flights to Athens, three a week to Cairo, and six flights a week to Istanbul.  CSA passengers can also use other daily flights to Istanbul, offered by CSA in association with Turkish Airlines.  To all destinations, CSA aircraft leave Prague in the evening and return early in the morning, the next day.  Passengers from those destinations can thus use advantageous connecting flights to a number of destinations, primarily in Western Europe or the US.

Daniela Hupáková
CSA Spokesperson