18. 12. 2013 - Czech Airlines to Discontinue its Regular Service to Abu Dhabi

Prague, 18 December 2013

Czech Airlines has decided to discontinue its Prague – Abu Dhabi regular scheduled service after almost three years of operations. Operating Asia in the future, the carrier intents to focus on co-operation with its strategic partner, Korean Air, and enhance its new service to Seoul. In line with this decision, Czech Airlines will increase the number of return frequencies operated between Prague and Seoul to four weekly, from the start of the summer timetable effect. Furthermore, Czech Airlines plans to offer additional connecting flights to its Prague – Seoul route in Asia and the Pacific this summer.

Parallel operations of flights to multiple Asian destinations via Abu Dhabi, and recently via Seoul, resulted in unhealthy competition of the two products, causing both commercial and economic damage to the respective lines. Korean Air is a strategic partner and shareholder of Czech Airlines, therefore the company has decided to prioritise further development of the Prague - Seoul transport trajectory and onward connections in Asia and the Pacific area.

A substantial improvement of the Emirates Airlines’ Prague – Dubai service, alongside Qatar Airways’ announcement of the planned launch of regular scheduled flights between Prague and Doha, linked to its Asian network of connecting flights, from the start of the summer timetable validity were the additional significant impulses behind the Czech Airlines’ decision to end its Abu Dhabi operations. Additional increase of transport capacity was recently secured on the connection from Prague to Asia via Istanbul, too.

Czech Airlines will terminate its regular operations on the Prague – Abu Dhabi frequency on 18 January 2014. The last OK 350 flight heading to Abu Dhabi from Prague will be handled on 16 January 2014; the return OK 351 flight from Abu Dhabi to Prague is scheduled for 17 January 2014. The most popular connections, e.g. to Bangkok, Singapore and Australia, used by passengers travelling from Prague via Abu Dhabi most frequently, will remain a part of the Czech Airlines’ schedule, operated via Seoul in co-operation with Korean Air.

Working with its partners and adhering to available capacity on the respective dates, Czech Airlines will make every effort to arrange alternative transport for passengers holding a valid, OK-coded ticket for the Prague - Abu Dhabi route and connecting flights to their final destinations. In the event that the offered alternative connection proves unacceptable, Czech Airlines will refund the passengers their money for flights or segments purchased from Czech Airlines.


Daniel Šabík
Press Spokesperson of Czech Airlines