18. 12. 2008 - Czech Airlines Employees Again Fulfilling Christmas Wishes for Children from Children’s Homes This Year

Prague, 18 December 2008

Children in the Nové Strašecí Children’s Home will get their Christmas gifts this afternoon.  This is the first of seven children’s homes in the Czech Republic that will receive presents from Czech Airlines’ employees over the next few days.  As every year, Czech Airlines employees participated in the Tree of Fulfilled Wishes project, by purchasing various aides and games used in learning English.  The Project is organised under the educational project Under the Wings of Czech Airlines, on which Czech Airlines cooperates with the Tereza Maxová Foundation.

Czech Airlines employees could find the Christmas wishes of some 150 children from seven children’s homes hanging on a Christmas tree in the airline’s administrative building, from mid-November.  The presents that they gathered over the course of the month will fulfil the Christmas wishes of children in homes in Nové Strašecí, Ústí nad Labem, Frýdlant, Písek, and the Moravian Příbor, Potštejn, and Hranice na Moravě.  This year, children will find presents primarily focused on learning English, such as picture dictionaries for the smallest ones, explanatory dictionaries for older children, as well as various games for teaching English, Memory games, and other aides.  The gifts will be taken to the Nové Strašecí Children’s Home today by representatives of our employees, who will also please the children with a short talk about their interesting work.

On behalf of our children, I would like to thank you for the pleasant presents and primarily for the opportunity to participate in the Under the Wings of Czech Airlines project,” said the Director of the Nové Strašecí Children’s Home, Alexandr Krško, regarding the cooperation, adding: “It is pleasant to know that you are not alone, that there is someone who is interested in you, and who wants to help you.  Support directed at educational activities is never wasted – the best investment is one made for the future of our children.

Another pleasant form whereby Czech Airlines employees make Christmas more pleasant for children in children’s homes every year are Christmas wishes in English, which they send from their travels.  The wishes not only please the children, but they also make their first post-Christmas English lessons special, where children read the wishes with their teachers, translate them, draft similar wishes, but also do such things as have a discussion about the destinations and cities from which they were sent.

The project Under the Wings of Czech Airlines, which Czech Airlines launched in association with the Tereza Maxová Foundation in June 2005, focuses on helping children in children’s homes.  Aside from Christmas gifts from Czech Airlines employees, which will reach the children in the week before Christmas, the project includes a long-term educational programme focused on English instruction, communication skills, the media, Internet, and working with information.  Czech Airlines employees also meet the children during their visits and informal gatherings in the children’s homes.

Daniela Hupáková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson