18. 11. 2010 - Czech Airlines Gained a Significant Partner for its Subsidiary HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines: Blue Style Travel Agency

Prague, 18 November 2010

Passengers who purchase a vacation package from the new catalogue of Blue Style Travel Agency will fly on their holiday exclusively on board the Czech Airlines subsidiary HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines. This is the result of the exclusivity agreement recently signed by both companies. HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines will thus now operate all of the charter flights to Blue Style’s destinations in Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Greece, and Spain.

I am pleased that today I was able to symbolically lend Czech Airlines’ subsidiary, HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines, to the services of one of the most significant players on the tourism market in the Czech Republic, Blue Style Travel Agency,” said Miroslav Dvořák, Chairman of the Management Board and President of Czech Airlines, adding: “HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines recently obtained all of the necessary permits and has become an independent airline. I consider it very symbolic that the first major action in this era is an exclusive connection with a partner as reputable as Blue Style.

The new Summer 2011 catalogue that Blue Style Travel Agency starts distributing today, thereby launching the sale of vacation packages for the next summer season, has only one carrier listed with all of its air packages – HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines. “For Blue Style Travel Agency, this connection with HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines is a logical step. The priority of Blue Style is to provide the greatest possible comfort to clients. The tradition and sustained quality of the services of the Czech Airlines Group are a guarantee that our clients will be able to enjoy comfort while travelling to our destinations,” said Imed Jeddai, CEO of Blue Style Travel Agency, adding: "We consider this connection to be one of our most important milestones, not only for the upcoming season, but also for the seasons to come, because this day represents only the first step in our long-term cooperation. We are certain that our clients, too, will experience the same joy that we at Blue Style Travel Agency feel, thanks to the agreement with HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines. I look forward to achieving our common goal, that is, to cross the threshold of 100,000 clients carried in 2011 in cooperation with HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines.

The development in the tourism sector has made significant progress in the last ten years. Instead of the formerly popular studio apartments, without food, clients increasingly demand hotels with the greatest offering of high-quality services, request accommodation in four-star hotels, and most often look for an all-inclusive meal service at all destinations. That is one of the reasons why, starting in summer 2011, Blue Style Travel Agency is offering animation programmes in the Czech language for the first time in its Blue Club and Croco Club programmes (programmes for children and teenagers) in selected hotels. This removes language barriers and even the littlest clients can enjoy absolute comfort.

These trends challenge travel agencies not only to negotiate with accommodation facility operators skilfully, such that their demanding requirements are not reflected in the price, but also to meet the greatest demands in terms of carriage. "This shows that HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines can offer a very interesting and highly competitive product while maintaining the high standards of service of the Czech Airlines Group – and they are popular on the market,” adds Miroslav Dvořák.

The HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines client portfolio currently includes more than 40 names, not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. Significantly represented among them are, for example, travel agencies and tour operators based in Ireland, for which HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines operates not only flights for vacations in the sun, but also charter flights to the French, Austrian, and Swiss Alps. In the 2010/2011 winter season, HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines will most frequently fly to destinations in Egypt, Tunisia, Israel, Turkey, and Cyprus, but also to Geneva, Salzburg, and Toulouse.
About the Partners:

Blue Style

The Blue Style s.r.o. travel agency, based in Prague, has been operating on the tourism market since 1997. Currently, it is one of the most significant tour operators in the country. It offers trips to Greece, Tunisia, Spain, and Egypt. It has branches in Prague 1, Prague 6, Most, Brno, České Budějovice, Zlín, Olomouc, and as of this year also in Karlovy Vary. Blue Style Travel Agency offers high-quality packages at affordable prices and continuously improves its services.

For the upcoming summer 2011 season, as always, Blue Style Travel Agency provides clients with the most attractive offers, prices that are guaranteed to be unmatched on the market, free vacations for thousands of children, and many gifts. In addition to the well-established Blue Club, Blue Style Travel Agency is also coming out with an innovation – the children’s Croco Club. In both types of entertainment programmes, the littlest clients can, in selected hotels, use the services of Czech-language animators. The summer 2011 season has been prepared on the basis of a thorough knowledge of all locales and exclusively brings many new hotels offering maximum comfort. As always, the clients of Blue Style Travel Agency can take advantage of preferential prices when they buy from the first minute offer.


HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines

HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines, a.s., is a subsidiary of Czech Airlines. This independent airline specialises primarily on charter carriage for travel agencies, but also for sports clubs, musical ensembles, and orchestras. It also offers its services as a traditional travel agency, with a long-term focus on specific products, such as Euro-weekends, cruises, and spa and wellness stays.

The charter company was set up on 1 June 2010 by hiving off the Charters Czech Airlines Independent Business Unit and merging it with the travel agency HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines. At first, the company operated as a business, but not an airline. As of 8 October 2010, when Holidays Czech Airlines obtained an air operator’s certificate (AOC) and other necessary permits and licences, the company has become a full-fledged airline carrier, using the ICAO code HCC.

Presently, the airline has two Boeing 737-400 aircraft, and in the spring of 2011, another two aircraft will be added to the fleet. Depending on the need at any given time, HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines can lease aircraft from its parent company, Czech Airlines. The first aircraft in the airline's livery was officially introduced to the public on 4 September 2010 at the 2010 CIAF Air Festival in Hradec Králové.

Lenka Berberi

Executive Director for Sales and Marketing
Blue Style Travel Agency

Hana Hejsková
Communications Director and Press Spokesperson
Czech Airlines Group