17. 07. 2008 - Czech Airlines Notes Increased Interest in Flights to Seaside Resorts

Prague, 17 July 2008

Czech Airlines is noting increased interest among passengers this year in flights to sea-side tourist destinations.  Only a few available seats remain on certain scheduled flights during the summer vacation months, such as to Barcelona or Athens.

According to statistics and the opinions of experts, increasing numbers of tourists are not buying vacation packages through tour operators, but organising their vacation themselves, mostly using the Internet; and for travelling, they are using the offering of the network of scheduled flights.  Czech Airlines, too, has noted the year-on-year increase in the interest of Czech and foreign tourists alike in travel to typically summer tourist destinations, such as Barcelona, Rome, Athens, and Istanbul.

The New Service to Heraklion Is Popular
In immense demand is a new destination in the Czech Airlines network – Heraklion, on the island of Crete.  Aside from Czech tourists, the route is also used by passengers from Germany and Scandinavia, who transfer in Prague.  Czech Airlines has offered the twice-weekly service since 30 May.

Aside from the new service to Heraklion, there is also high demand for flights to typical seaside destinations, where a stay at the sea can be combined with sight-seeing in the city, such as Barcelona, Athens, Rome, Istanbul, Venice, or Thessalonica.  Also popular is the Marseille service and seasonal flights to Split.  Recently, travel to Eastern Europe has been popular, with tourists increasingly using flights to Odessa, for example.  Especially in spring and autumn, flights to the Mediterranean, to Beirut and Tel Aviv, are in demand.  Making use of the offering of our code-share partners, Czech Airlines passengers can also travel to the seaside on flights to Lisbon, Valencia, Naples, Bari, Malta, or Nice.


Daniela Hupáková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson