17. 06. 2008 - For the Third Year, Czech Airlines Has Supported Children in Children’s Homes in the Project ‘Under the Wings of Czech Airlines’

Prague, 17 June 2008

For three years, Czech Airlines has been supporting children in children’s homes, in the educational project Under the Wings of Czech Airlines.  The programme focuses on teaching English.  In the first year, children explored travel issues in their lessons; last year, the main topic was the world of the media and the Internet; and in the year that is about to end the focus has been on “How to Get a Job”.

On Thursday, 19 June 2008, from 6:00 p.m. in the Atlas Cinema, children from children’s homes will show how they have advanced in the past year, in learning English through the special therapeutic method of the project Under the Wings of Czech Airlines.  Thanks to their teachers, who regularly taught them directly in the children’s homes, the children have had the opportunity to improve their foreign language skills, and their communication skills in general, through an entertaining form.  The gala evening that will close the project’s third year will include the presentation of special certificates to children by the foundation’s patron, Tereza Maxová.

The central theme of the third year of the project Under the Wings of Czech Airlines was “How to Get a Job“.  Teachers were helped in explaining how to get a job and other topics related to employment by real experts – the popular characters Pat and Mat, who were the mascots of the year.  They will certainly not miss the final event on 19 June in the Atlas Cinema, where they and Rosťa Novák will be the MCs.

Seven children’s homes participated in the therapeutic and educational project Under the Wings of Czech Airlines, which teaches English to children aged 6 to 18 years all year round, employing a special experiential method.  The objective of the project is to remove communication barriers, help children find their path to foreign languages, and enhance their self-confidence, thereby making it easier for them to find a way of applying themselves and to find a path to set out on, in their lives.

I am personally very glad that the project Under the Wings of Czech Airlines has worked so successfully for three years and that it offers children long-term English instruction in this special playful form, which is much more digestible for them.  In that, I see an immense contribution.  I thank all partners, and especially Czech Airlines, for their support.  We value it very much,” said the Foundation’s patron, Tereza Maxová.

Even in the past few years, when all of the airline’s non-profitable activities were cut back due to its financial situation, Czech Airlines continued to cooperate with the Tereza Maxová Foundation, retaining it as its only charitable project.  The project Under the Wing of Czech Airlines is exceptional – it is an investment into the future of specific children.  I believe that this type of help is beneficial and, above all, purposeful,” said Czech Airlines’ Vice-President for Marketing and Product Development, Petr Pištělák.

The entire cycle was launched in September 2007 by an introductory motivational course in Jesenice u Rakovníka, supplemented with an outdoor programme.  Instruction was then launched, which took place twice a week, in two ninety-minute blocks.  Selected teachers visited children’s homes and worked with the children, employing alternative methods of teaching English.  The project also included motivational competitions.

Children have prepared for the conclusion of the project intensively since this April, as the project traditionally culminates with a review of their progress and language skills.  This year, we will get to know their views on work and employment, through the very specific and creative form of short films.  At the end of the event, the foundation’s patron, Tereza Maxová, will, together with representatives of Czech Airlines, present children with well-deserved certificates, marking their completion of the project.
The Tereza Maxová Foundation considers support for education to constitute one of the main directions of support under the grant objective Compensation, which is devoted to the intensive preparation of children for independent lives, once they leave institutional care.

We thank the partners: the General Partner – Czech Airlines, thanks to whose support the project could be organised again; as well as the City of Prague, the magazine Žena a život, DINO School, Fortuna Print Praha, and the Atlas Cinema.

Daniela Hupáková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines

Terezie Sverdlinová
Marketing and PR Director
Tereza Maxová Foundation