16. 05. 2008 - Czech Airlines Expands Its Cooperation with Delta Air Lines

Prague, 16 May 2008

This year, Czech Airlines will be significantly expanding its code-sharing* cooperation with the largest American airline, Delta Air Lines.  This will mean that the number of routes offered by Czech Airlines in the USA will eventually double.  The newest routes to be offered by Czech Airlines, as part of its code-sharing cooperation with Delta, will be to Hartford, Rochester, Buffalo, and Indianapolis, with transfers at airports in New York or Atlanta, beginning in June.  In addition, Delta will also start offering under its own identifier new flights through Czech Airlines in Europe, for example from Prague to Tbilisi, Thessaloniki, Cracow, and Larnaca.
Code-sharing cooperation between Czech Airlines and Delta Air Lines is mutually beneficial.  The offerings of the two airlines are mutually complementary.  Code-share flights offer advantages for passengers, for example by allowing the booking of the whole route, meaning several connected flights with transfers, via a single contact centre.  Czech Airlines clients can use the miles obtained through code-share flights in their OK Plus frequent flyer programme.

The two companies are cooperating especially on their intercontinental connections between Prague and the USA, where Czech Airlines operates a daily route between Prague and New York, and Delta Air Lines flies five times a week between Prague and Atlanta.  In addition, with transfers in New York or Atlanta, Czech Airlines offers, under its OK identifier, Delta flights to such major cities as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, Houston, Miami, Dallas, Boston, Detroit, Cleveland, and Denver, as well as to a number of smaller American cities, such as Oklahoma City, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, St. Louis, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Austin, Cincinnati, Jackson, and Jacksonville.  Hartford, Rochester, Buffalo, and Indianapolis will be added in June.

Apart from using its code on Czech Airlines flights to New York, Delta currently places its code on another 20 Czech Airlines routes from Prague to European destinations.  Routes between Prague and Tbilisi, Thessaloniki, Cracow, and Larnaca will be added in June.  

In terms of the number of routes offered, Delta Air Lines is the most important code-share partner for Czech Airlines.  In addition to Delta, Czech Airlines has code-sharing cooperation with approximately twenty airlines, allowing it to offer connections to 80 destinations.  For Czech Airlines, code-sharing cooperation is especially important on long-haul links that bring passengers into Prague, from which many of them then take Czech Airlines flights to other European destinations.

Daniela Hupáková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson

*An agreement by which several carriers share in the operation of a route; it is then indicated with the codes of all those carriers.