16. 03. 2009 - Czech Airlines Concluded an Agreement to Lease Out Two Boeings

Prague, 16 February 2009

Czech Airlines has signed an agreement with Nayzak Air Transport for the lease of two Boeing 737-400 162-passenger aircraft, including crew, for a full year.  The aircraft will operate from Tripolis Airport in Libya from this week.  The Czech Airlines aircraft will be deployed on domestic flights and flights headed to Egypt.  The more than one-year lease of the two aircraft will bring Czech Airlines revenue in the order of several hundred million crowns.

Czech Airlines has decided to lease out its aircraft primarily in connection with the present situation on the European market, where demand is down due to the economic recession.  The leasing out of aircraft brings the Airline revenue of several hundred million crowns.

Czech Airlines concluded the agreement with Nayzak for the lease of the two aircraft until next May.  During that period, Czech Airlines will provide Nayzak with two aircraft including crew, comprising two pilots and a head cabin attendant, along with insurance and technical maintenance, i.e., the so-called ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance) lease.  The Czech Airlines aircraft will be done over in the Nayzak Air Transport colours, in connection with the lease. The lease is conditional on the approval by the local civil aviation authority.

Nayzak Air Transport was established as a private airline in 2005.  It is based in Libya and operates domestic flights and international routes to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.


Daniela Hupáková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson