15. 10. 2009 - A New Organisational Structure and Management for Czech Airlines: Reduction in the Number of Management Board Members

Prague, 15 October 2009

As part of the restructuring plan of the airline and personnel cost savings, and taking into account the future group arrangement of the company, Czech Airlines Management Board approved a reduction in the number of its members to five this afternoon.

The new organisational structure plans to create a new position of a member of the Management Board responsible for operations, who will assume responsibility for the flight, ground, and technical divisions.  Another member of the Management Board will be the Vice President responsible for finance; there will also be a member of the Management Board and a Vice President responsible for sales and marketing, and a member of the Management Board and Vice President responsible for human resources, IT, and administration of the airline. The fifth member of the Management Board and its Chairman will be the company’s President.

Based on the opinion of the majority shareholder, the Management Board also proposed reducing the number of members of the Czech Airlines Supervisory Board, from the present twelve to nine.  The change in the Articles of Association that arises from this proposal will be prepared for discussion at the airline’s General Meeting together with the restructuring plan, on 18 November 2009, and it will come into effect on 1 December 2009.


Hana Hejsková

Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson