15. 06. 2007 - The Rising Price of Oil Forces Czech Airlines to Increase its Fuel Surcharge

Prague, 15 June 2007

Another significant increase in the price of oil, which reached USD 65 per barrel in April and is expected to stay at that level for an extended period of time, has forced Czech Airlines (CSA) to increase its fuel surcharge, effective today.

The surcharge on tickets on European routes will increase by USD 3.  Passengers will now pay USD 24 per flight when purchasing a ticket.  On long-haul flights, where fuel constitutes the vast majority of costs, the surcharge will be USD 71, which means an increase of USD 11 per flight.  For combinations of long-distances flight with connecting CSA flights, the fuel surcharge remains at the original USD 60. CSA most recently changed the fuel surcharge amount last November, when it was reduced to USD 21 on mid-haul flights and USD 60 on long-haul flights.

The cost of fuel accounts for about a quarter of the airline’s overall operating costs.  The fuel surcharge, which CSA increases as of today, covers roughly 40% of those costs.

Daniela Hupáková
CSA Spokesperson