15. 01. 2009 - Czech Airlines Passengers Can Purchase AIG Europe Travel Insurance with Their Tickets at Advantageous Prices

Prague, 15 January 2009

Czech Airlines will newly offer passengers the option of purchasing travel insurance with their tickets, through the reputable insurer AIG Europe, and at advantageous prices.  The service is designed for all Czech Airlines passengers, including on code-share flights, as well as for passengers of the low-cost subsidiary CLICK4SKY.com.  When booking a ticket through www.czechairlines.com or www.click4sky.com, passengers will be able to purchase travel insurance and trip cancellation insurance with their tickets on very advantageous terms.  This is yet another benefit introduced by Czech Airlines in response to passenger demand.

The agreement on cooperation in terms of travel insurance was signed today in Prague by the Managing Director of the Czech Airlines Customer Relations Management Section, František Šír, and General Manager of the Czech branch of AIG Europe, Luděk Menčík.  “By offering a broad range of additional services, Czech Airlines wants to appeal to a broad range of passengers.  To them, travelling with Czech Airlines pays, because they will save on time and money in acquiring a number of the additional services that are required for comfortable travel,” said Czech Airlines’ Vice-President for Marketing and Product Development, Petr Pištělák.  “This cooperation has no like in the travel insurance business in the Czech Republic,” added Luděk Menčík.  Czech Airlines chose the AIG Europe insurance company as the supplier of travel insurance and trip cancellation insurance for its passengers through a tender executed by its insurance broker, Renomia.  In it, AIG Europe presented the best offer.

Insurance will be available for purchase through the Czech Airlines Internet booking system at the end of first quarter.  In the first stage, insurance will be available to passengers from priority markets, such as the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Slovakia, but also, for example, for passengers from Romania.  These markets account for nearly one-half of the Czech Airlines passengers carried.  Other markets will be integrated into the system over time.  The goal is to offer insurance on all Czech Airlines’ markets by the end of the year.

On the Czech Airlines website, insurance will be available to passengers on very advantageous terms.  When purchased in the Czech Republic, a passenger can, for example, obtain insurance for a one-week trip in Europe for CZK 299, and for a stay of the same length in the USA, just CZK 593.  The insurance is set up so as to cover the most frequent requests of passengers travelling by air.  Hence, it will be offered in a package covering not only the insurance of medical expenditures, loss of baggage, and accident insurance, but also trip cancellation insurance.  This travel insurance is valid worldwide.  Purchasing the insurance will be very simple – essentially, it will be a matter of just one click.  A passenger who needs insurance will thus also save on the time that he would have otherwise had to devote to finding insurance on the market.

Purchasing insurance with a ticket is Czech Airlines’ second step on its way to expanding the offering of additional services that passengers can obtain when booking a ticket on advantageous terms.  It is already possible to book a hotel at the target destination, along with a ticket.  Insurance will be followed by the possibility of hiring a car at the final destination.

Czech Airlines Offers Numerous Benefits to Passengers
Czech Airlines strives to make flying as pleasant as possible for its passengers.  Passengers give positive ratings, above all, to the high-quality, complimentary, on-board refreshments.  The meals are prepared in line with the latest gastronomic trends, from ingredients of the highest quality.  Both in Economy and in Business Class, refreshments are adapted to the time of day and flight duration.  An innovation to be introduced this year for Economy Class passengers will be the possibility of purchasing beverages and small refreshments, such as sweets, beyond the scope of the standard service, which will continue to be provided free of charge.
Czech Airlines also keeps improving the services its passengers encounter before they fly.  It continues to expand the Internet Check-in option, which allows passengers to check in from the comfort of their home or office and save the time that they would otherwise have to spend in queues at the airport.  Another innovation that passengers will soon enjoy is the receiving of text message notices about the Internet Check-in option.  All Czech Airlines passengers flying from Prague already have the option of having their bag wrapped in protective shrink-wrap at no charge, at a Czech Airlines counter.  In Prague, Czech Airlines offers its Business Premium passengers a complimentary taxi ride to and from the airport.  The Airline is introducing the new services on the basis of passenger demand.


Daniela Hupáková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines’ Press Spokesperson

Erik Macalík
Director of the Travel Insurance,
Injury and Disease Section, AIG Europe


James Shea, Regional President AIG CE CIS (on the left) - on picture with Petr Pištělák, Czech Airlines vicepresident for marketing and product development