14. 5. 2014 - Czech Airlines Introduces Brand New Catering by Zátiší Group

Prague, 14 May 2014

Czech Airlines has prepared a complex gastronomic change of its onboard catering. The Business Class menu has been completely innovated and tailored for Czech Airlines by chefs of the Zátiší Group, a chain of Prague restaurants and catering company. Effective 1 June 2014, travellers heading to Seoul will be able to enjoy such delicacies as pumpkin soup or partridge with creamy-mushroom sauce and gnocchi and more. Catering served in the Economy Class has also been innovated.

Marek Purkart, Fresh & Tasty Corporate Catering; Jan Bureš, Zátiší Catering and Žofín Palace and Marek Šáda, Mlýnec Restaurant are the three Zátiší Group chefs who undersigned the new recipes, which will be served by Czech Airlines to its Business Class passengers on all its regular, scheduled flights. “The Business Class menu concept draws inspiration from the most popular dishes served in our restaurants and at our catered events. All dishes were adjusted to taste great and still be easy to eat aboard an aircraft,” agreed all three chefs. The development stage of the new Business Class catering concept started towards the end of last year. Fine-tuning almost 45 recipes took several months, including a number of joint tastings. Skyport Catering chefs who will be preparing the meals for Czech Airlines are being trained this month.

The new menu has been designed to reflect the time of day of travels and the international character of the customer pool and their taste preferences. E.g.: Passengers on a long-haul service to Seoul will have a choice of three main courses. Alongside the earlier mentioned partridge, pork tenderloin with mustard sauce and Bibimbap, a Korean national dish, will be served. Chicken Makhani with rice and aubergine Masala, ham and cheese quiche, served with home-made bread and tomatoes, veal rump steak with creamy-vegetable sauce and Karlovy Vary dumplings or grilled salmon with mashed potatoes, spring onions and saffron sauce will be served aboard flights to the Russian Federation and Central Asia, based on the time of day.  

Czech Airlines will, for the first time in its history, also serve tailored Business Class catering prepared by renowned Czech chefs aboard its flights to Western Europe. Tramezzi with ham and cheese, chicken with vegetables or pollo tonnato with tuna mayonnaise will be enjoyed by passengers on Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Copenhagen and many more routes.

Czech Airlines has recently applied a similar concept of catering tailored to selected clientele. “The success of the concept and our on-going quest for service improvement were behind the idea of creating an exquisite Business Class menu for all our flights despite the seemingly unmanageable obstacles such as the type of aircraft and duration of the flight. Having changed the OK Plus frequent flyer programme and onboard catering, we wish to apply the same innovative principles to our other services, too, in order to make travelling with us easy and enjoyable for passengers,” said Stanislav Zeman, Czech Airlines Director for Business and Marketing.

“We believe that quality and tasty food should be a part of our lives. There is no reason to compromise even aboard an aircraft. The combination of our food concept with Czech Airlines’ Business Class service clearly proves that. Our joint goal is to provide clients with the utmost of comfort and exceptional experiences during every moment of their travels,” adds Sanjiv Suri, Zátiší Group President & CEO.
Alongside the Business Class menu the carrier has also upgraded its wine list. Moravian wines with attributes are now complemented by wines from Chile. On long-haul flights to Seoul, passengers can now enjoy Champagne sparkling wine.

New Recipes and Meals also in Economy Class
Czech Airlines has recently also innovated the selection of refreshments served aboard its flights in Economy Class. Home-made white and dark baguettes with cheese and vegetables are now served e.g. on routes to Brussels, Barcelona and Madrid. The selection of warm meals has also been innovated. E.g.: More room is given to international cuisine instead of Czech specials on flights to the Russian Federation and Central Asia. The new menu was designed by a team of Skyport Catering chefs, a company providing Czech Airlines with full catering services.

Alena Větrovcová        
Marketing Executive Zátiší Group           

Daniel Šabík
Czech Airlines Spokesperson