14. 05. 2007 - Czech Airlines Launches a New Children’s Programme

Prague, 14 May 2007

Czech Airlines (CSA) has prepared a new children’s programme, the Jetsters, for its youngest passengers.  From May, the programme will make their time on the plane and elsewhere more pleasant, using an entertaining, but educational format.  In the “Jetsters World”, children will be able to expand their horizons in geography and history playfully, or improve their foreign-language skills.  The number of CSA’s young passengers keeps increasing.  In 2006, the national carrier carried more than 188,000 children, which was a year-on-year increase of nearly 15%.

This entertaining and educational programme, Jetsters, will introduce children to new friends, who will take them to various corners of the world in pursuit of adventure, in their cartoon-form stories.  Children registered in the Jetsters Club will earn points and advance up the hierarchy of ranks, from Cadet to Junior, to Tracker, and then Rider, to the highest, Jetster.  They will earn points for each flight flown, as their parents do in the “grown-up” OK Plus frequent-flyer programme.

On each flight, members of the Jetsters Club will receive age-appropriate magazines, focused on various parts of the world.  A travel adventure is always involved, such as a voyage to the pyramids of Egypt, or to Spain or China.

When a child earns a certain number of points, he/she advances up the ranks.  With each new rank achieved, the child earns a reward.  For example, upon registering, every child will automatically be given the rank of a Cadet, and earn the Jetsters Club badge.  A Junior will receive flight goggles; a Tracker, a pilot’s belt; a Rider, a communicator; and a Jetster, a training session in the Czech Airlines Training Centre, including a flight on a real Boeing 737 flight simulator, on which CSA pilots train.

Aside from the rewards for earning higher rankings, club members will also receive gifts for every flight or, for example, a birthday card.  These gifts will come in the form of stuffed toys or Jetsters games.

With its Jetsters programme, CSA strives to entertain children of all ages during the flight itself, thereby making travel easier for the adults accompanying them.  Magazines and toys come in two versions, for two different age groups – for children aged 2 to 6, and for children from 6 to 15 years.  The Airline also thinks about its smallest passengers, for whom it has the so-called Baby Kit – a package for a baby or toddler, with disposable diapers and a rattler or some other toy.

For more information, please see the Jetsters Club website (www.jetstersclub.com).


Daniela Hupáková
CSA Spokesperson