13. 06. 2008 - Flying without Fear with Czech Airlines Now Offers a Real Flight

Prague, 16 June 2008

Czech Airlines now offers the participants of the Flying-without-Fear course a first flight with the assistance of an experienced instructor focusing on psychological help taking place the very next day after the course is completed. The Flying-without-Fear courses have been offered by Czech Airlines for two years now. The aim of the course is to acquire knowledge, techniques and methods that will help anyone shake off their fear of flying.

The courses are held by Czech Airlines roughly every two months and are always intended for less than twenty participants. They take place mainly at the weekend, during which professional instructors with many years of experience explains to the participants the principles of flying, the basics of meteorology and aviation, as well as the fundamentals of air-traffic control and the training of the flight crews. The attendees watch a film on the preparation and execution of the flight and are given a chance to ask any questions that they might have related to flying. The courses are intended for a limited number of participants to make sure that the utmost attention is paid to everyone.

Among other things, Czech Airlines makes use of the Airbus-320 flight simulator, which is a perfect copy of part of the cabin during the course. While on the simulator, the instructors will give the participants further information on the process of selecting and training of on-board personnel and they will clearly demonstrate routine activities performed by the flight attendants. However, at the same time they can simulate various safety procedures used for dealing with emergency situations. The training also includes the practicing of relaxation techniques and methods that will help passengers reduce the impact of the fear of flying by themselves. Finally, the participants are introduced to the work of the flight crew in the cockpit of a flight simulator for the ATR 42/72, Boeing 737 or Airbus-A320 aircraft.

At the end of the course, the graduates are newly allowed to take the so-called ‘assistance flight’ when they can try to fly without fear in a real situation accompanied by their instructors. The assistance flight which the graduates may buy if interested, takes place a day after the course is completed, usually as a short-distance flight to a chosen European destination. The first assistance flight to Düsseldorf, Germany, was realized on the 24th of May. Another course, including a real flight, will be held on the 28th of July.

The popular Flying-without-Fear courses were started by Czech Airlines in their Flight Crew Training Centre in July 2006, already 2 years ago. Since its beginning, the course has been completed by hundreds of participants. Thanks to the individual approach, the course has been a great success. Concerning Flying-without-Fear, Czech Airlines have noted that both companies and the public have shown a great interest in the course.

Basic information on “Flying without Fear”, for other info please see the Czech Airlines website on www.czechairlines.com.
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Daniela Hupáková
Director of Communications
Spokesperson of Czech Airlines