12. 05. 2010 - Karol Marsovszky is the Czech Airlines Director for Legal Affairs, Lumír Tesař the Managing Director of the Human Resources Section

Prague, 12 May 2010

In May 2010, personnel and organisational changes occurred at Czech Airlines. Mgr. Karol Marsovszky, LL.M, became the Director of the Legal Affairs Department, responsible for managing all of the airline’s legal affairs. Mgr. Lumír Tesař became the Managing Director of the newly set up Human Resources Section. His responsibilities now include all human resources issues, which further simplifies the airline’s organisational structure.

Legal Affairs, Human Resources, and Information Technologies are directly subordinated to the Vice President for ICT, Personnel, and Legal Affairs, Josef Adam, who said the following in commenting on the changes in the organisational structure: “In our new colleague Mr. Marsovszky, I see a great strengthening of the Czech Airlines team. Together with Lumír Tesař, who has gained a whole number of new responsibilities, they should contribute their share to the high-quality management of two key areas of the entire holding company.

Karol Marsovszky (31) graduated from the Law Faculty of Charles University and earned the post-graduate diploma Master of Law (LL.M.) at Humboldt University in Berlin. After completing his studies, he gained experience in an international law firm in the Czech Republic and in Austria. Over the course of the past few years, he has become a specialist primarily on real estate law in Central and East European countries, comprehensive labour-law issues in the Czech and Slovak Republics, and commercial law, with a focus on commercial contracts. During his previous engagements at the SAS Institute, he worked primarily on legal affairs related to business in the sphere of information technologies in Central and Eastern Europe.

Karol Marsovszky has for several years worked as a guest lecturer on Czech labour and private law at specialised seminars and universities in Austria. In addition to his mother tongue – Hungarian – he speaks English, German, Slovak, and Czech.


A reorganisation of the Airline took place in the sphere of human resources management. All personnel issues have been newly concentrated in the Human Resources Section, which was established through the merger of two departments. Lumír Tesař (33) was appointed its Managing Director. Since 2008, Lumír Tesař has worked at the Airline as the Director of the Personnel Policy department.

Lumír Tesař has worked at Czech Airlines since 2003. Until 2007, he was responsible primarily for collective bargaining and communication with the unions. In 2007-2008, he led the Recruiting Department. He studied political science at the Social Science Faculty of Charles University.



Hana Hejsková
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Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson