12. 03. 2008 - Czech Airlines Preparing a Number of Ecological Projects this Year

Prague, 12 March 2008

Czech Airlines is preparing a number of projects focused on the environment.  Joining the Czech Airlines fleet this year are four new modern aircraft that are more environmentally friendly, due to being quieter and having low consumption.  Presently, the Airline is also putting into operation its own waste separating line, and the Czech Airlines Technical Department will soon have a new waste water treatment station.  Furthermore, an emissions calculator was launched on the Czech Airlines website, which calculates the average amount of emissions generated by a given flight.

Czech Airlines has long striven to reduce both the direct and indirect environmental impact of its activities.  Hence, the Airline takes care to adhere not only to all regulations, but also to the standards prescribed by the international environmental protection standard ISO 14001.  “We realize that flying, just like other means of transport, involves adverse environmental impacts.  We strive to eliminate those adverse impacts as far as possible,” said the Director of Quality at Czech Airlines, Jan Čejka.

New, Quieter Aircraft
This year, Czech Airlines will include four new Airbus A319s in its fleet, the first of which was accepted by the Airline in February.  These are the last four planes from the supply of 12 Airbus A320/319s procured over the course of the last three years.  Furthermore, the Airline ordered another eight aircraft of this type, to be delivered in 2011 – 2012.  The new modern aircraft are not only friendlier to the air, but are also among the quietest in their category.  The other aircraft operated by Czech Airlines also comply with the strictest noise criteria set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Waste Water Treatment Station
In the second half of the year, a new waste water treatment station will be put into operation, which will treat all our waste water before it goes into the central Prague Airport waste water treatment station.  With the new treatment station, Czech Airlines will be able to expand its range of maintenance processes, which to this point has had to be limited.  Due to the significant impact of those activities on waste water quality, Czech Airlines has had to collect soiled water in special containers and have it environmentally disposed of by specialised companies. 

Emission Calculator
Passengers, on their own, can now ascertain the volume of emissions released into the air.  An emission calculator has been launched on the Czech Airlines website.  One can select a particular flight and easily and quickly calculate the volume of emissions that it would release into the air.  The result can be compared with other modes of transport.  In the future, Czech Airlines will also organise an air quality improvement project, in which passengers will be able to get involved.  They will have the option to pay a voluntary fee based on the specific emissions volume, and such fees will then be used to finance the project.
The Czech Airlines emission calculator can be found at:

Other Czech Airlines Environmental Projects
In 2004, Czech Airlines decided to introduce an environmental management system, in line with the international standards ISO 14001.  The Airline had to identify the significant environmental impact of its activities and set up a system to minimise them.  The outcome of the four-year process of implementing the norms is a functional environmental system that will be tested through an independent certification audit in the second half of this year.

Another innovation of 2008 is the airline’s own waste separation line, which has been in operation since March.  With it, the amount of sorted waste from on board our aircraft, as well as from other operating activities, will increase significantly.


Daniela Hupáková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Spokesperson