12. 02. 2009 - Passengers Will Be Able to Buy an Advantageously Priced Selection of Supplementary Refreshments on Board Czech Airlines

Prague, 12 February 2009

Starting Sunday 15 February, Czech Airlines will expand the possibility for its passengers to make purchases on board its aircraft from its supplementary offer, primarily of beverages.  Passengers in Economy Class will be able to choose from a rich assortment of beverages, including alcohol, and various kinds of snacks, and all that in addition to standard service, which continues to be free of charge. The supplementary product range will be very advantageously priced, with prices ranging from 1,5 to 4 euros.

With its new offer, the Airline is responding to the demand of its passengers who want to have the option to buy, for example, alcoholic drinks beyond the scope of the standard in-flight service. Hence, passengers will have that option from 15 February, and not only will they be able to purchase miniature alcohol drinks, wine, and beer, but also a rich selection of soft drinks, beyond the standard ones that are provided free of charge as a part of the refreshments.  Also various sweets, including chocolate will be on offer, as well as salted cashews, peanuts, or crisps.

Favourable Prices on the Supplementary Range
The prices will be on the level customary in mid-range Czech restaurants.  A can of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beer will cost EUR 2; 3 dcl of Coca Cola, EUR 1,5; 2 dcl of French wine, EUR 2; and 2 dcl of sparkling wine, EUR 4.  A miniature bottle of Ballantine’s or Smirnoff Vodka will cost EUR 3.  In the range of EUR 1,5 to 2, passengers will be able to purchase, for example, crisps, peanuts, various sweet bars, chocolate, or croissants.  In the first phase, passengers will be able to pay in cash, in Czech crowns, euros, and other freely convertible currencies.

From 15 February, supplementary sales will be available on all flights, except domestic and long-haul.  The list of available products will be found on the tray tables as well as in the in-flight magazine Review and on in-flight screens.

No change will be made in the standard offer of refreshments in Economy Class. Only individual menus will see small modifications. Czech Airlines recently made a major change to its Economy Class in-flight service with the start of the winter season, when it introduced a more diverse and richer offering and better adapted the choice of meals to the time of day.

Highly Rated Quality of Refreshments on Board Czech Airlines  
Refreshments on board Czech Airlines are among the best rated.  Passenger satisfaction with the quality of refreshments is also reflected in the Airline having won a number of awards.  For example, it earned the titles “Best Airline in Central and Eastern Europe”, awarded by the prestigious American magazine Business Traveler, and by the aviation organisation Official Airline Guide.  Also in The World Airline Awards ranking, Czech Airlines received the best rating in the region.  A week ago, Czech Airlines’ representatives also accepted a prize for the best airline on the domestic market, awarded in the TTG Travel Awards.  All these awards were earned by the many innovations by which Czech Airlines strives to make its passengers’ flight experience more pleasant.

An example of a menu on board Czech Airlines on the Prague – Madrid route:
Business Class:
Turkey Royale, potato rotty, ratatouille, desert – blueberry tunnel, salad with tuna, a rich selection of alcoholic and soft beverages
Beef Stroganoff, Bali rice, dessert – chocolate roll, salad with chicken, a rich selection of alcoholic and soft beverages

Economy Class:
Chicken curry with pineapple, vegetable rice, dessert – chocolate nest, a selection of soft beverages, and beer
Roast beef, hunter’s sauce, potato rotty, dessert – sponge cake with chocolate, a selection of soft beverages, and beer


Daniela Hupáková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson