11. 06. 2009 - Czech Airlines Expands the Rewards of its OK Plus Frequent Flyer Programme

Prague, 11 June 2009

Czech Airlines, in cooperation with its subsidiary HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines, newly offers the members of its OK Plus Frequent Flyer Programme the possibility of using their miles for stays at the seaside and in prestigious spas and golf resorts.  The Airline is thus expanding its system of rewards for those passengers who fly with it regularly.  400,000 members already enjoy the advantages offered by Czech Airlines’ OK Plus Frequent Flyer Programme.  In the first five months of this year, their number rose by 40,000.  The increase of the number of the holders of the prestigious OK Plus Silver, Gold, and Platinum Cards confirms passengers’ interest in the above-standard services offered to them by the programme.  Furthermore, Czech Airlines keeps expanding the programme’s options.  OK Plus is thus one of the most significant and oldest loyalty programmes in Europe, having celebrated its 17th anniversary this year.

Innovations for Programme Members
An innovation introduced this May is the possibility of purchasing a trip to the seaside from the travel agency HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines, by using the miles they have collected.  Programme members can use their miles to fly on Czech Airlines charter flights to such destinations as Bulgaria, Greece, Egypt, or Spain.

OK Plus Frequent Flyer Programme members can also newly use their miles for stays in prestigious spa and wellness centres in the Czech Republic.  Czech Airlines offers tailor-made stays for the members of its FFP, for example in the Svatá Kateřina Resort, Mariánské Lázně, and the Jeseník Spa.

Czech Airlines also newly offers cruises to the members of the frequent flyer programme.  In one week, clients can thus see, for example, Italy – from East to West, or choose a cruise from Barcelona to the island of Malta.

Most recently, OK Plus Frequent Flyer Programme members can also use their miles for weekend stays in golf resorts.

For more about the new benefits for the members of the OK Plus Frequent Flyer Programme, see the www.czechairlines.com website, in the section Frequent Flyer Programme/Vacation.

The Number of OK Plus Members Has Increased by 11 Percent This Year, to 400,000
The Czech Airlines OK Plus Frequent Flyer Programme currently has 400,000 members.  Their number has thus increased by 40,000 since the beginning of the year, which represents an 11% increase.  OK Plus is thus attracting about 8,000 new members per month.  The increase in the number of the holders of the prestigious OK Plus Silver, Gold, and Platinum Cards confirms the interest of frequent flyer programme members in the expanding range of benefits.

OK Plus
Presently, OK Plus Programme members can collect miles not only on flights with Czech Airlines and the partner airlines associated in the SkyTeam airline alliance, but also in 42 partner hotel chains, with several thousand hotels all over the world, four worldwide car hire agencies, and from a number of other non-airline partners.  In exchange for the miles collected, they can obtain reward tickets to anywhere in the world in Economy or Business Class, including a trip around the world, and many other travel-related rewards.

Upon collecting the relevant number of SkyTeam Miles or flight segments flown in a calendar year, OK Plus programme members can obtain Silver, Gold, or Platinum Cards, which bring them a number of above-standard benefits, comfort in air travel, and an individualised approach when travelling not only on Czech Airlines flights, but on the flights of the entire SkyTeam Alliance.

Why Become a Member and How?
Becoming a member of the programme is advantageous for every regular passenger who flies with Czech Airlines.  All that needs to be done is to complete the application form that can be found on the airline’s website at www.czechairlines.com or, for example, in the Review in-flight magazine.  Upon enrolling, the passenger will receive a membership card with which he can start collecting the miles flown.  He can then use those miles on reward tickets throughout the world, and for a number of other rewards related to travel, such as upgrades from Economy to Business Class, access to Crystal Lounges, free excess baggage allowances, car hires, stays at hotels, a lesson on a flight simulator, or a flight in a Czech Airlines hot-air balloon.  Normally, a return reward ticket can be obtained for as little as 15,000 miles.

In recognition of the relevant number of miles or segments flown in a calendar year, OK Plus members can obtain higher-level cards – Silver, Gold, or Platinum – that bring them a number of additional above-standard benefits and comforts in air travel, such as priority check-in, including the Fast Track service in Prague (smoother passage through Prague Airport), priority boarding, guaranteed booking for a sold-out flight, priority baggage unloading at the target destination, or access to lounges at airports all over the world.

OK Plus is also connected with frequent flyer programmes of the thirteen other carriers associated in the SkyTeam Alliance, thereby allowing passengers to collect miles or draw reward tickets throughout the entire alliance network.

OK Plus Corporate
In addition to the OK Plus programme, designed for individuals, Czech Airlines also offers a similar programme for corporate customers - OK Plus Corporate.  This allows companies to collect points in their corporate account for the flights of their employees; and employees, if they are OK Plus members, also earn miles in their personal accounts.  Presently, companies are especially using reward tickets to save on the cost of business travel.  The OK Plus Corporate Programme is currently used by nearly 5,500 companies from 33 countries.


Hana Hejsková
Communications Director
Czech Airlines Press Spokesperson