09. 12. 2011 - CZ ALPA Promising the Impossible, Has No Interest in Its Own Members

Prague, 9th December 2011

The CZ ALPA labour union is presenting unrealistic promises, offering something for which it has no mandate from the pilots, and something it is not able to fulfil. That was also the case with the announcement of the illegal protest and readiness to strike. The one-time saving of CZK 50 million is virtual, and furthermore, they condition it on the interruption of restructuring. CZ ALPA representatives can use this amount to cover the significant damage that they have caused to the company, which amounts to several tens of millions of crowns.

The management did not ask for an across-the board-reduction of salaries, only the introduction of performance-based remuneration in the ATR fleet. The changes that are taking place at the company are systemic and are based primarily on the long-term improvement of the company’s efficiency. It is for this reason that they must continue. 

CZ ALPA is not interested in the fate of its members, but seeking diversionary problems

Czech Airlines’ management announced last week that consequences will follow for those who organised and participated in the illegal protest. Czech Airlines’ majority shareholder is insisting that the Airline take this course of action. Given that a number of pilots entered the illegal protest on the basis of misleading information provided by CZ ALPA, the airline’s management was prepared today to make a conciliatory gesture and discuss the mitigation of those consequences with respect to specific individuals. Czech Airlines has asked the CZ ALPA union to accept responsibility for the individual participants in the illegal process. CZ ALPA again presented unrealistic demands and it again became evident that it prefers diversionary problems to being interested in the fate of the members of this organisation, who were driven to participate in the illegal protest on the basis of misleading agitation. The CZ ALPA union continues to misinform the public and its members. In doing so, they invoke further diversionary topics and publish lies. Czech Airlines must again express its strong reservations in that regard.


Hana Hejsková
Communications Director and Press Spokesperson
Czech Airlines Group