09. 03. 2011 - Czech Airlines Planning to Add New Destinations in Ukraine, Caucasus, Middle East and France

Prague, 9 March 2011

During the summer season, Czech Airlines is planning to introduce several new scheduled routes. These will primarily include destinations in Ukraine, the Caucasus, and the Middle East, but also in France. The next stage of the changes being made to the Czech Airlines carriage network will thus be implemented in the summer flight schedule. As the airline has repeatedly announced, these changes have been thoroughly thought out and calculated, and demonstrate a flexible response to market developments and available business opportunities.

During the main summer season, Czech Airlines is planning to commence regular service to destinations such as Lvov, Donetsk, and Kharkov in Ukraine, Baku in Azerbaijan, and Bordeaux in France. Other connections, such as from Prague to Kazan in Russia, or from Karlovy Vary to Baku, will be added to the Czech Airlines offer through planned code-share cooperation with partner airlines. “The airline will announce the details of the new routes before the summer holidays, with a view to the aero-political situation in the Near and Middle East,” said Jiří Marek, Czech Airlines’ Vice President for Sales and Marketing, in commenting on the planned changes.

The airline is also exploring the possibility of opening up regular air service to the Middle East and Central Asia in the future. In this context, Czech Airlines is analysing the possibility of flying to Riyadh, Teheran and Ashkhabad in Turkmenistan, as well as to Bagdad and on several other routes. “Czech Airlines is weighing up each business case for operation to the Middle East with a view to the synergic effects that are to be achieved by the accession of new members from the area to the SkyTeam alliance. Our interest in that region documents our effort to take heed of all promising leads, but by no means implies that a final decision has been reached,” adds Jiří Marek.

From the very beginning of the 2011 summer season, i.e. on 27 March, Czech Airlines will make a smooth transition from the previous season. In response to market demand, Czech Airlines is adding one return flight per week on service to Samara, Russia, and also intends to commence operation on the route from Karlovy Vary. On the other hand, both the number of return flights per week and seat capacity will be decreased, for example, on flights to Oslo, Cairo, and Damascus. While the airline will renew its seasonal service to Marseille and Venice, it is not considering scheduled operation on routes that do not make financial sense in the current carriage network model, i.e. to Croatian Adriatic destinations, Thessaloniki, and Iraklion on Crete. The most typical summer vacation destinations will be served by the charter carrier HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines. “Passengers will be able to purchase separate tickets to Iraklion, but also to the Greek destination of Preveza, and to the islands of Zakynthos, Kos, Rhodes, and Kefalonia, as well as to Palma de Mallorca on selected charter flights operated by HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines,” adds Jan Čejka, Managing Director of HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines.  The flight schedule for the 2011 summer season will take effect on 27 March and end on 29 October 2011.
Flexibility and Continuous Change, Regardless of the Season
Partial changes to the Czech Airlines flight schedule will continue to be implemented throughout the upcoming summer season, as well as during subsequent seasons. “The conventional seasonality that we have known from the past is a phenomenon long out of date. Flights will adapt to customer demand, developments on the market and business opportunities, and will no longer so dogmatically reflect the formal thresholds of seasons. We will open up new routes as soon as it makes sense financially, regardless of whether the summer or winter flight schedule is in effect. Conversely, the same applies to loss-generating destinations,” explains Jiří Marek, Czech Airlines Vice President for Sales and Marketing.

The purpose of the changes that are being implemented is the gradual transformation of the Czech Airlines carriage network into a system of routes that is as efficient and as flexible as possible, that makes sense financially, and that is able to quickly respond to developments on individual markets.

Increased Comfort in Business Class
Passengers travelling in Czech Airlines’ Business Class, particularly on flights to Almaty, Tashkent and destinations in the Russian Federation, but also to Damascus, Tbilisi and Brussels, can now settle into all-leather reclining seats. The brand-new luxury seats increase passenger comfort, providing a more personal space. The airline had them installed in selected Airbus A319-type aircraft with extended flight range. In the near future, passengers in premium classes will also be able to look forward to more room and greater comfort on Airbus A321 aircraft.

Another innovation in Czech Airlines’ Business Class, for the time being available on flights to Russia, Almaty, Tashkent, Yerevan and Tel Aviv, is the possibility to choose refreshments from a printed menu. The menu is available in Czech, Russian and English, and features up to nine options, depending on the route and rotation, supplemented with an extensive offer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.



Hana Hejsková
Communications Director
Press Spokesperson of the Czech Airlines Group