07. 06. 2012 - AEA: Czech Airlines Has the Best On-time Record in Europe

Prague, 8 June 2012

In April, Czech Airlines came first in the ranking of the on-time departure performance of all of the airlines that belong to the Association of European Airlines (AEA). It has been one of the most punctual airlines in Europe on a sustained basis. The recently published rolling statistical survey for the first four months of the year shows that Czech Airlines was in second place in terms of the punctuality of departures throughout the network. It was among the first five airlines with the best on-time departure record last year, as well.

The excellent on-time record of our operations is mainly due to an improved ratio between transfer and point-to-point passengers, in favour of the latter group, and also the current flight schedule and the improvement of transfer times on the most important transfer routings. This significantly reduced the number of cases when the departure of a flight was postponed due to delayed passengers transferring from another flight,” said Marek Týbl, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board and Vice President of Czech Airlines for Flight Operations, adding: “Last but not least, the results were also due to the shared motivation of the aircraft handling staff, both of our sister company Czech Airlines Handling and those of other partners at stations outside of our home airport in Prague.

In April, 83% of Czech Airlines’ departures throughout its network left precisely on schedule, and more than 95% within 15 minutes of their planned departure time. In addition, the punctuality of arrivals was high in April. The vast majority of flights arrives within the minimum discrepancy, of up to 15 minutes, at nearly 94%. The most common cause of delays beyond 15 minutes were factors that Czech Airlines cannot influence, such as heavy traffic on the main flight routes or destination airports, but also frequent protests in the aviation business in Europe. On the other hand, technical difficulties play a role in delays in only a negligible number of cases.

Czech Airlines’ excellent on-time operating record was also announced on the FlightStats.com, server that focuses on tracking departure and arrival punctuality of the world’s airlines. Unlike the Association of European Airlines, FlightStats.com monitors the 20 most frequent flights of each airline, and assesses the on-time record on the basis of different parameters. In this rating, Czech Airlines also held first place in Europe in April.


Hana Hejsková
Communications Director
Press Spokesperson of Czech Airlines