21.02.2007 - Pavel Hladík Appointed Employee Representative on ČSA Supervisory Board

Prague, February 21, 2007

Pavel Hladík has been appointed a member of the Supervisory Board of Czech Airlines (ČSA). He will be one of the representatives of the company's employees. In the 2002 elections, he came in as the next candidate to be chosen from the ranks of the company's workers and he replaces Jiří Pos, who resigned from his position as board member in early February due to other work-related commitments.

Pavel Hladík will serve on the Supervisory Board alongside the other board members elected by the company's employees and he will be serving on the board until the end of 2007. There are new elections for employee members of the board scheduled for this coming fall.

Pavel Hladík is a graduate of the University of Žilina, where he majored in air transportation operations and economics. He has been with ČSA since 1970 and since 1981, he has worked in the aircraft technology department in the company's technical division.  

Another member of the Supervisory Board who resigned in late January of this year is Zdeněk Čáp Ph.D. His vacant position on the board has not yet been filled.

Following is a list of the current members of the ČSA Supervisory Board:

  • Miroslav Ševčík, CSc. – Chairman
  • Tomáš Páv – 1st Vice-Chairman
  • Dušan Horák – 2nd Vice-Chairman
  • Pavel Bém
  • Pavel Hladík
  • Jaroslav Lorenc
  • Hana Pešková
  • Petr Polák
  • Ivana Řápková
  • Rudolf Vyčichla

Daniela Hupáková
CSA Spokesperson